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Virgo Personality

Virgo personalities are often self-centered to the point of becoming introverted. They study, analyze, measure, calculate, and methodically select everything that they do. Despite their self-criticism, they feel useful when in positions of power. Virgos, how well do you know your personality traits?

Virgo sign signification

Mercury is your planet! The reflection star pushes you to analyze, study, calculate, select… Virgo, your traits include being methodical and critical. Naturally contemplative, you often consider yourself as the center. You seek to feel useful, but sometimes you get lost in the details. 

Your perfectionist tendencies make others feel confident and inspired. People love counting on you when they need you. Romantically, you have the tendency to over-analyze and not listen to your heart. 

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10 things to know about Virgo

  • Birth date: August 24th to September 22nd
  • Strong Points: Precision, logic
  • Qualities: Usefulness, sensitivity
  • Faults: Finicky, rigid
  • Gems: Agate, jasper
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Colors: Beige, brown
  • Corresponding Body Parts: Digestive system, intestines

'Virgos are cool on the outside and sensitive within'.

Personality of Virgo

August 24th to September 22nd – Virgo's element is Earth. Like Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo prefers reliability, prudence, organization, and to compartmentalize life. Even if other zodics are more active, Virgos already have their dreams and goals laid out. When speaking with them, they give off a wise aura. 

Under the influence of Mercury, Virgo has a particular place in the world of communication. At ease with ideas and words, they know how to arrange essays, discourses, or presentations: numerous Virgos become  journalists or writers.

The symbol of Virgo is often underrated. People born under this sign often live life like they’re experiencing it for the first time. They learn from day-to-day activities, which helps them pertain to others. A lot of them find their path in giving careers, such as nursing, perhaps. 

The sign of Virgo is governed by the nervous system. Pains may arise in those areas. 

Difficulties occur when a Virgo worries too much or is too critical of their surroundings. They are known for being meticulous, maybe unfairly, so it is important to learn tolerance and acceptance. Ask for help if necessary.

Virgo compatibility

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