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Who Are You Compatible With?

Test your romantic compatibility with numerology. Are you really compatible? Are you made for each other? Find out here, thanks to numerological compatibility test! Our genius numerology experts reveal everything you need to know about your relationship’s future. You might just need to start sending wedding invites afterwards!

There are numerous things that come into play and make a couple strong or weak. Some couples seem to have amazing chemistry… what’s your story? How compatible are you and your partner? Discover if you are made for each other thanks to numerology.

What if you aren’t compatible with your partner? Don’t hesitate, ask one of our numerology experts.

Calculate your romantic compatibility

It only takes adding the day, month, and year that you were born and then reducing the result to a single number to get your Life Path number.

For example:

Catherine was born on 03/17/1987 = 3+17+1987 (3+1+7+1+9+8+7) = 36 = (3+6) = 9

Louis was bornon 10/01/1981 = 10+01+1981 (1+1+1+9+8+1) = 21 = (2+1) = 3

Catherine's life path is #9 and Louis' is #3.

If you wish to find out about more elements or clarify certain tendencies, calculate your ascendant by adding the day and the month of you birthday and reducing the result to one number:


Catherine, born on 03/17 = (1+7+3) = 11 = (1+1) = 2

Louis, born on 10/01 = (1+1+0) = 2

The Ascendant number and therefore Life Path for both of our examples is 2.

Romantic Compatibility- Numerology

Click on your Life Path number and discover who you’re most compatible with.

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Trouble finding the right love path? Connect with a relationship expert to unlock your heart.


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