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New Year January Horoscope: A Month Of Achievement!

We've finally reached 2019! For most of us, the New Year signifies a period of the year where we feel more capable of introducing positive change into our life. While the festivities of the holiday period may have passed, you can return to work with a spring in your step. 2019 is shaping up to be a good year for all the zodiacs and January is no exception! Read your monthly horoscope predictions for January 2019! Start the New Year off the right way!

It seems that the New Year will kick off with a host of notable astral events. On the 6th, the New Moon in Capricorn will encourage you to throw yourself into a new work project. In the middle of the month, the presence of Jupiter and Neptune will fuel your ambitions and help you pass important milestones. As the month comes to its end on the 31st, Saturn will amplify your sense of responsibility while Neptune pushes you on a humanitarian level.

🎂January Horoscope - Zodiac of the month: Capricorn🎂

Saturn is your planet! The star of reflection, prudence and analysis, its presence pushes you to act wisely. Often wise beyond your years, you’ll possess impeccable logic and reasoning which will guide you better than your intuition. Your ambition focuses you on a singular, unique goal and you’ll give yourself every chance to succeed. Your clarity and tenacity will help you with everything but, in fact, the idea of change is often one you dislike. On the romance side, you’re committed but your alone time is sacred these days!

Monthly horoscope predictions:

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January Horoscope

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