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October Horoscope: Love Is In The Air For Certain Zodiac Signs

Autumn is coming, the time of the year where the days slowly get shorter and the trees adorn themselves with beautiful red and yellow leaves… October and its theme of cocooning manifests itself into affection and care for a partner, but will your love life be filled with harmony? What about in other aspects of your life? Will you go through some autumn blues? The stars have responded, find out the answers to your questions in your October Horoscope.

After a month of September dedicated to the return to school, love plans to take the center stage once again, with the Full Moon occurring in Taurus on October 24 and its link to Venus. Prepare yourself, you may have to ask yourself some honest questions about your relationship and then change your bad habits to move forward in a healthy way. What’s for sure, it’s that we’re in store for a month full of unexpected developments!

🎂 October horoscope: Happy birthday, Libra 🎂 

Venus guides you as she leads your sign. The planet of seduction, love and peace will serve you well and will ignite your relationship skills. Your smile will appease while your charm will be devastating! You will aim for harmony at all cost, in the way you present yourself physically, the way you dress, the way you act and in all of your exchanges. People will; feel like confiding in you, try to emulate your extrovert zodiac personality and welcome the gentleness that you give off.

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