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July Horoscope: Anything Is Possible This Summer!

Summertime is always a period of fun and surprises and this July won’t be any different! The gentle sunshine of the season is getting us in the mood for a vacation by the sea as well as heating up our hearts. What does July 2018 have in store for your zodiac sign? Your July 2018 monthly horoscope predictions will give you an idea of what you have to look forward to at the start of summer.

Jupiter is in Scorpio at the start of July which means that nothing is impossible! Optimistic and enthusiastic; the 12 zodiac signs are all very excited to get summer 2018 started. This July fortune favors the brave! July will be smooth flowing until the Full Moon in Aquarius links up with Mars and Uranus, then the fun will start and things will become totally electric! Drama should be expected! 

πŸŽ‚ July horoscope: Happy birthday, Cancer! πŸŽ‚ 

Cancer, you are gentle, honest and giving but your kindness often leaves you exposed to heartbreak. Your family plays a very important part in your life and is even a source of inspiration for you. Cancer, when it comes to love you are tender and caring and are most compatible with someone reassuring and patient. The Moon is your planet Cancer which explains your rapid mood swings.

If you want to start your day out in the right way, check out your zodiac sign’s horoscope for today! For a great summer, why not also check out your summer horoscope 2018 predictions.

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