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Monthly December Horoscope: Time To Rediscover Harmony

It always seems to catch us by surprise but we’ve reached the last month of the year, December. While the days may be short and the sunlight limited, December is a month we historically associate with celebrations, festivities and presents. November was an important month for personal progress but December promises to be a great month for collective harmony. Could we ask for any better timing?

In this month of December where Mercury is no longer in retrograde, you’re going to be able to relax a bit and peacefully enjoy the last month of the year. All the more so, in fact, with the New Moon arriving in Sagittarius from the 7th, which will reawaken your ambition for a better future! Discover more in your free December Horoscope.

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Jupiter will guide you, which will be especially fruitful as its your ruling planet and grants success, optimism, confidence but also exaggeration and excess. Your particularly expansive personality will know no limits or constraints. Emotionally, you see a relationship going badly, but commitment isn’t your strong point. A hedonist, you sometimes give in to temptations too easily… It has to be said though that people love you for your jovial nature and your eternal smile!

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December Horoscope 2018

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