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August Horoscope: A Month For Serious Success!

The end of summer is approaching and August is set to be an exciting month! What does August 2018 have in store for your zodiac sign? Your August monthly horoscope predictions will give you an idea of what you have to look forward to in love, romance, work and life! The sun is shining down on us, but what are the stars planning for your zodiac? Get all the answers you need in your August horoscope.

August is going to be an exciting time for all 12 zodiac signs! At the start of the month, a New Moon will form in Leo which means that it’s time to give life everything you’ve got. Although the end of summer is approaching you are savoring every moment of the sunshine and are having the time of your life. Towards the end of August, Mars will renew your positivity and reward you with some excellent moments. August is looking great!

🎂 August horoscope: Happy birthday, Leo! 🎂 

Leo, the Sun is your planet and will do everything to make your birthday month is perfect. It’s no secret, Leo, you love being the center of attention and having all eyes on you. Leo, you are one of the most loyal and generous zodiac signs. When you are in a relationship you love giving yourself entirely to your partner and making them happy. Although, you need excitement and passion in a relationship and if you don’t get what you want immediately, you won’t hang around for too long.

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