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Free 2016 Chinese Horoscope: Year of the Monkey

On February 8th 2016, the Chinese New Year, we’ll enter the Year of the Monkey, a year that’s looking to be dynamic and bustling. This mischievous animal will impose his happy and active rhythm. In the Year of the Monkey, make room for optimism, improvisation, and taking risks! Discover your free Chinese horoscope now!

The Chinese New Year, equally known as the “Spring Holiday,” is the most important holiday among numerous Chinese celebrations.

The date for Chinese New Year varies each year because the Chinese calendar is based on the sun’s and moon’s cycles (the lunar-solar calendar), but it always falls between January 21st and February 20th. The Chinese New Year always starts with a New Moon.

Chinese New Year Traditions

Largely celebrated across the world by every Chinese community, the New Year is a familial holiday before anything else. The Chinese love crossing the country to get together with their loved ones. The color red, which is a symbol of luck and gaiety, is popular during this time.

Festivities last 15 days, and it’s the Festival of Lanterns that closes up the holiday period. The Chinese light up paper lanterns during this festival and they let the lanterns fly away.
Originally, the Chinese New Year (Spring Holiday) was an agricultural festival during which the farmers prayed for the crop to be plentiful.

2016 Chinese Horoscope

Discover what the Monkey has in store for his fellow creatures... ask one of our mediums!


The Bull in the Year of the Monkey

Next Year of the Bull: 2021

Be happy, esteemed Bull! The Year of the Monkey will be a year for your career. Your professional life will be under a good omen and your finances will be moving upwards. In revenge, this singular animal is mischievous and can disorient you with his about-turns and destructive humor. So, don’t take any risks and only count on yourself. Your professional life will require some effort but will expand rapidly if you know how to benefit from the changes imposed by the Monkey.

The Goat in the Year of the Monkey

Next Year of the Goat: 2027

The Year of the turbulent Monkey succeeds that of the sweet Goat. As a result, a large breath of solitude is going to blow into your life. Reassure yourself that this year announces every kind of entertainment with a lot of humor: you’ll laugh often and have fun enormously. Cherry on top, 2016 will be favorable to artists. To your brushes! Your affaires of the heart will know highs and lows and your finances won’t be too sunny.

The Rat in the Year of the Monkey        

Next Year of the Rat: 2020

Prepare yourself for an astonishing year. Yes, indeed! You and the Monkey will maintain an excellent relationship in the Chinese bestiary. Luck will be on your side and numerous opportunities will present themselves to you. It’s up to you to take advantage of moving ahead, making your affairs more productive, and using your charm wisely without you wandering off. In the family, you’ll have some difficulties that you’ll clear up with a touch of humor and a zest of diplomacy.

The Snake in the Year of the Monkey

Next Year of the Snake: 2025

A good year in perspective for the clairvoyant Snake. You’ll satisfy your thirst for curiosity and your neurons, and you’ll entertain while contemplating the adventures of the Year of the Money. There will be action, innovation, and imbroglio galore. Romantically, you’ll curl up in happiness. In your private life, you’ll make some new acquaintances and with love, your charm will take effect.

The Dragon in the Year of the Monkey

Next Year of the Dragon: 2024

2016 will be a genius year for you, charismatic Dragon. As the friend of the impish and joyful Monkey, all that you’ll touch will transform into gold and all that you say will be made a doctrine. So, prepare to surpass yourself, have your most silent ideas blossom, and execute your most ingenious plans. In the professional field, you’re going to place yourself in the lead and demonstrate your talents.

The Tiger in the Year of the Monkey

Next Year of the Tiger: 2022

In the course of this year, there will be innovation, optimism, action, and enthusiasm. You’ll make some good deals and you’ll experience moments of great pleasure! In reality, there’s something fishy going on. The Monkey is nonchalantly and scrupulously a huge manipulator. He’ll wait to trip someone up and then laugh at their expense. Be aware of this! With that said, you’ll experience a pleasant year especially if you use diplomacy more than force and intimidation.

The Rabbit in the Year of the Monkey

Next Year of the Rabbit: 2023

Esteemed Rabbit, the restless tempo of this year risks displeasing you. There will be too much agitation, not enough certainty, and too much smoke and mirrors. You love peace and harmony, but you’ll only find confusion and disorder. In revenge, you’ll appreciate the festive atmosphere, especially since you’ll learn a lot of money. Romantically speaking, there’s some confusion in your relationship, but you two live for the big moments.

The Horse in the Year of the Monkey

Next Year of the Horse: 2026

The Yang influence of the Year of the Monkey is beneficial for you. You’ll be energetic, desire to move ahead, innovate, make new friends and feel alive. As a result, you’ll rediscover your optimism and enthusiasm and be more positive. In the end, your general situation will improve. Romantically, you’ll be in a happy mood…

The Monkey in the Year of the Monkey

Next Year of the Monkey: 2028

Esteemed Monkey, this year is yours. This means you’ll give the tone, set the speed, make note of your initiatives, and influence the other Chinese signs. Under your authority, there will be change, innovation, creativity, enthusiasm, joy, and good moods. You’ll make good deals and will have a lot of fun. Heart side, your charm is working well and you’ll come in contact with a renewed happiness.

The Rooster in the Year of the Monkey

Next Year of the Rooster: 2017

This year will be beneficial for the honorable Rooster, mostly in what concerns your career. You’ll take on ambitious projects, and take tantalizing risks and affirmed positions. Don’t forget that, in the Year of the Monkey, humor and diplomacy are more dangerous than belligerence or stubbornness will be. Your love life will be at the top of your hopes and expectations.

The Dog in the Year of the Monkey

Next Year of the Dog: 2018

We won’t tell you again, venerable Dog! 2016 will not be a year that’s always calm for you. So, prepare yourself to live through all kinds of experiences, to work a lot, and to earn more money. During the Year of the Monkey, your humor will hit the nail on the head but your sense of justice will be abused. Don’t let yourself be tricked! Altogether, you lead a very agreeable social life and your financial situation will improve.

The Pig in the Year of the Monkey

Next Year of the Pig: 2019

During the year, the arts and nature will be honored and you’ll be successful because of this. You’ll come out of your shell in painting, music, literature, horticulture, and agriculture. Your Monkey friends will play some tricks on you, but love and inspiration will be in store. Your love life will be on a pedestal and you’ll be confident in your future. 


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