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Romance Alert! Should You Believe in Love at First Sight?

Often dramatized in movies and books, love at first sight has be instilled in our imagination for as long as we can remember, but does it really exist? Between myth and reality, we’ve investigated this so-called magic that we’ve always dreamed about.

Often idealized, love at first sight is well inscribed into our brains. According to a recent study, 75% of people strongly believe in instant romance, while 52% have already experienced it. It’s not so rare if that’s the case… what about you? Have you already experienced love at first sight?

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Definition of “love at first sight”

Oxford Dictionary defines it as “a sudden appearance of a violent feeling of love for someone; sudden and lively passion for someone or something.”

Everything’s clear, Cupid will hit us with one of his arrows and we’ll fall irresistibly in love with the person who’s right across from us, even if it isn’t logical. Tantalizing, right?

Love at first sight: a scientific explanation

An increased heartbeat, clammy hands, a knotted stomach, are impossible to ignore. These are the physical manifestations of love at first sight, and our body is sending us messages that are impossible to ignore.

These manifestations, however, aren’t because of Cupid’s arrows, this is all in the brain, which produces the hormones for attachment! Oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins are produced in large quantities at the time you meet this special person, which would explain why our heart gets carried away.

Love at first sight and the consequences

Such a date leaves nobody indifferent, and some people are ready to leave everything in order to experience thispassion in plain sight, forgetting that sometimes love requires time.

It’s well known that love is blind and returning to reality can be brutal. If you’ve actually experienced love at first sight, try not to rush into things too quickly.

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