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Dating Horror Stories: Here's How To End Up With The Prince Not The Frog!

Admittedly, dating isn’t easy and yes, you do have to kiss a few frogs before finding your perfect partner, but how bad can it really get? Well, you might be surprised, we asked around the office for people’s worst date horror stories and trust us, we weren’t short of people who’d endured what someone put it as the ‘worst two hours ever’! If you are in need of a giggle you’re in the right place!

With thousands of dating apps at our fingertips, meeting potential partners has never been easier, but swiping right doesn’t mean our dating lives have been facilitated by the growth of dating sites. Internet dating is definitely exciting but can we really decide if we are compatible with someone based on the 200 or so characters that they write in their bio section? Well, in short no, that is according to several members of our team.

Worst Date Horror Stories EVER!!!

We were keen to find out just how bad dating could get so we asked around the office for our team’s worst date stories, so here they are!

Michelle, 40, Marketing Director, Washington

- Cheapskate date

‘My worst date experience happened when I was in my early 20s. I was just out of college and a guy from my old English class asked me out on a date, he was cute, so I said yes. He picked me up at 8:00pm and we headed to the cinema to see some action movie which I’ve forgotten the name of, yeah, it really was that interesting, but that wasn’t the problem, in fact he expected me to pay for my ticket! Not very cool, but being the good sport that I am, I paid and despite not liking his choice of movie, I sat through it and endured the torture for 2 hours or so. After the movie was over, we headed to a nearby Burger King, yes you heard right Burger King! The cheapskate even made me order from the dollar saver menu! Let’s just say that afterwards, I conveniently lost his number and didn’t end up calling him. I wasn't expecting a real fancy restaurant, but a little more than a dollar cheeseburger! On the bright side, well slightly, at least he didn’t ‘forget’ his wallet! Luckily now I’m out of the dating game and am happily married!’

Ashley, 33, Marketing Assistant, Ohio

- My ex blah blah blah…

‘My dating horror story is probably not too different from that of thousands of other peoples! My friends, as awesome as they just can’t seem to find me a decent guy, or should I say an emotionally available one! I was set up by a group of girlfriends with a guy named Matt who also works in marketing. I’d been shown his photo before so it wasn’t a blind date, so I thought I knew what I was expecting. Matt was tall, tanned and good looking, judging from his photo he was definitely my type and we had things in common; our jobs and some mutual friends! Matt texted me the Thursday inviting me out to eat with him on the Saturday. By the time Saturday came round, I was super excited and positive that I was finally going to find the man of my dreams! On paper, Matt was perfect but in reality he was boring and spend the whole evening talking about his ex, Lauren! He was totally hung up on her and wouldn’t stop going on about her, by the end of the date I felt as if I too had been in a relationship with her! It definitely wasn’t the most romantic date I’ve ever been on and it was even a little awkward! If I’m being honest, I was happy when the cheque arrived, as mean as that sounds, it’s true!

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Amanda, 29, Accountant, Washington

- Catfish 

‘I’ve been single for a few months now and have only recently jumped into the dating world after getting out of a 5 year long relationship. At the beginning I had my reservations about signing up for dating sites and actually meeting people I’ve only ever met in the virtual world, but all my friends assured me that it was a great way to find someone and there would be no serial killers, so I took their advice and signed up for one! What did I have to lose?! After creating my profile I started receiving messages from a few guys, I wasn’t really interested in any of them, until I got this one message from Chris. Chris was tall, dark and handsome and along with that he had a great smile! His profile said that he was a dentist and was recently new to the area, he was looking for a tour guide and I was ready to apply for the position! He seemed really nice and we really hit it off, so we decided to meet for a drink one Saturday evening. When Saturday came around, I spent the entire day getting ready, I'd done my hair, my nails and I’d even bought a new dress only to discover that when I get to the bar, it wasn’t Chris who was waiting for me. The person waiting for me was called Chris, but he wasn’t tall, dark or handsome! I know looks aren’t everything but I hate being deceived, even though Chris was nice, I just couldn’t look past being catfished! I finished the date but I decided it was going to be our last.’

How to bag the man of your dreams

Dating is never easy and you may have to kiss a few frogs on the way to find the man of your dreams. But, the key to dating success is perseverance! Meeting your soulmate may not be immediate, but stick with it and your determination will pay off! Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day and the same goes for your happily ever after!

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