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How To Get Over Being Cheated On

Being cheated on is without doubt one of the hardest things to deal with, whether we walk in on our partner with someone else or our partner confesses to us, discovering infidelity is a difficult hurdle to pass. Between humiliation and questioning what you could have done differently, being cheated on has a devastating effect on our self-confidence. Here’s how to get through this trying time.

Infidelity rates are at the highest they have ever been, Truth about Deception have estimated that roughly 30% to 60% married individuals will be unfaithful at some point in their marriage. Shocking right?!

Finding out that we have been cheated on is a real slap in the face, and the shock of discovering infidelity is often very hard to deal with, especially when we aren’t expecting it! Here’s how to get over being cheated on.

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Get over being cheated on in 4 steps...

  1. Understand the reasons for cheating

Placing the blame on someone else is perhaps the easiest thing to do, however, it won’t help you get through the healing process. To truly get over being cheated on, you have to really take a good look at the situation to find out why your partner cheated and what went wrong in your relationship. The hardest thing after discovering infidelity is reigning in your anger.

    2. Picking yourself up

Don’t see yourself as a victim, complaining and crying won’t change anything. Concentrate on moving forward and getting yourself back to a good, positive place. Try talking to your partner to find out if you can work towards saving your relationship and go from there.

    3. Take care of yourself

If your friends and family are aware of what has gone on, you’ll probably be inclined to let everyone know how much you are suffering and hurting inside. Constantly talking about what has happened won’t help you feel any better, try to move on and keep your dignity. Take some time for yourself and you’ll eventually feel better.

    4. Should you stay or should you go?

Everyone is different, therefore what is right for someone else is probably not going to be the right decision for you. Will you be strong enough to forgive your partner and move forward? Ask our expert Susan!

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