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Communicating With Your Guardian Angel

Even though we can’t see them, our guardian angels are always by our sides when we need them and ready to accompany us throughout life. Our guardian angels really are great multi-taskers and manage to listen to our problems, console us when need be, as well as help us out when we call upon them. Find out here how to call upon your guardian angel in your hour of need.

Guardian angels act as messengers between heaven and us humans and feature in several religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Since the beginning of time, people have called upon guardian angels in their times of need, for support and someone to confide in. 

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Every angel represents a value or a strength which the person being protected can benefit from. If need be, people can call a specific angel to help them deal with their problems.

Everyone has a guardian angel and they are assigned in function of your date of birth, because they are linked to the planetary movements.

How to call upon your angel

Anyone can call upon their angel to ask them for advice, or even to confide in them their hopes and fears. In order to contact them, you must open you heart and reveal your true feelings. You can call upon them silently or out loud, the important thing is to be sincere.

Feel free to ask your guardian angels whatever you want, however you must not give them orders or try to cause them harm.

How can you hear your angel’s voice?

To hear your guardian angels voice, you need to believe, if not the chances of hearing their voice are very limited. Evidently we are unable to see our guardian angels amongst us, so in order to hear you have to be in a rather spiritual frame of mind.

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