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Can Men and Women Just Be Friends? We Have The Answer

Many people believe that friendships between men and women are impossible. Studies indicate that there is always an attraction between men and women, even those who claim they are just friends. Discover the secret to establishing a real friendship between the 2 different sexes.

39% of people admit to having had feelings for their friends, and many people have even taken things one step further and have enjoyed a kiss with a friend of the opposite sex!

Friendship between a man and woman seems complicated, however it isn’t impossible, check out our golden rules to maintaining these friendships!

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Tips for successful male and female friendships...

Express yourself

Being open and honest about your feelings is the most important thing. Without good communication, friendships won’t last, especially friendships between men and women. You have to be very open and clear with the other person, don’t be afraid to tell them what you really think, that way no one will get the wrong idea about your relationship.

Being frank is the key to a lasting friendship between the opposite sexes, if you are not open, things will become awkward.

Set boundaries with your man friend

Do you like them as a friend or as something more? You have to be clear, or you’ll end up getting your wires crossed.

Friendship is a form of love, but there are some differences, and it is therefore important to be able to tell the difference between friendship and love. Ask yourself these questions: Is your good friend just a good friend? Or, do you see things going further?

Set limits! The line between friendship and love is a very thin one and one that needs to be respected, especially if one of you is already in a relationship, if not this could create rifts and make their partner jealous.

Reign in your feelings and just be friends

Maybe you are psychically attracted to your friend, but keep in mind that this attraction could ruin your friendship. If you can’t ignore your feelings for your friend in question, try to avoid risky situations and talk to them openly about what you are going through.

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