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What Men Really Want In A Woman – Answered By Actual Men!

What men want in a woman is an age old question. Well, fear not women of the world, we are here to help clear up the mystery for you! We threw on our lab coats to conduct a scientific experiment for you! Well, okay, not really, but we actually took to the streets to interview real men and ask them exactly what they look for!

For years, we’ve heard that men only want to date beautiful women, with perfect hair, teeth, skin and not forgetting legs for days, but this just didn’t seem realistic to us, so we'd had enough of speculating and decided to find out what normal men actually want. You’ll certainly be in for a pleasant surprise when you find out!

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What men REALLY want in a woman – As told by men!

We interviewed 3 guys of different ages and backgrounds to give all of our readers a broader idea. We asked each guy the same questions:

  1. Do you have any physical specifications?
  2. What do you expect from a woman?
  3. What characteristics/qualities are most important in a woman?
  4. What do you find most unattractive in a woman?

First up was Joe, 27 from Leeds.

Joe, a 27 year old Office Manager replied the following:

  1. ‘As for physical specifications, I don’t really have many, I’m not more attracted to blondes than I am to brunettes, however I do think that it’s important for a woman to feel good about herself and I think that being confident comes from taking care of yourself. There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman!’
  2. ‘When I am in a relationship, I expect my girlfriend to be supportive and to listen to me and give me advice when I am in need of it. Just having someone there for you when things aren’t going too well is such a help, it really takes the weight off! The key to a successful relationship for me is communication and support, if you communicate well and support each other, you can beat anything!’
  3. ‘Being spontaneous, able to have fun and a good sense of humor are all very attractive qualities in women. Men don’t just want someone who is going to sit in the corner and not join in on things because they are afraid of ruining their hair or makeup! A good, positive attitude is priceless!’
  4. ‘For me, the most unattractive thing in a woman is jealousy. I am speaking from experience here, jealousy can really ruin a relationship, so I think it’s best to try and reign it in if you have jealous tendencies in a long-term relationship’.

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Next up was Lee, 40 from London.

Lee, an Estate Agent replied the following:

  1. ‘No, I don’t have any specific physical specifications, having a specification list is very limiting, women come in all shapes and sizes and someone’s appearance isn’t going to help you when things are going badly at work for example’.
  2. ‘My wife and I have been together for over 20 years now and she really is my best friend! Friendship really is the glue that holds our relationship together. My wife is very understanding and I really can talk to her about anything and everything’.
  3. ‘Determination is a very good quality to have. To want to succeed in the office and do well in life is very inspiring and commendable’.
  4. ‘For me, being argumentative is a very unattractive trait, I have some friends whose relationships have ended very badly because they were with argumentative partners. Shouting at the top of your voice doesn’t solve anything, communication and talking rationally does, however!’

Our third and final interviewee was Tom, 57 from Manchester.

Builder, Tom replied:

  1. ‘I honestly don’t have any physical preferences, I love all types of women! I think men preferring skinny blondes is just a myth!’
  2. ‘If you find a women who is patient, understanding and accepting, you’ve really hit the jackpot! Prepare to getdown on one knee soon! Finding someone who can give you all of those things is rare, especially these days, so don’t lose that person!’
  3. ‘The most important qualities a woman can have are passion, a good sense of humor and she must be generous, in terms of her time and the work she invests into the relationship’.
  4. ‘As for unattractive points, only one springs to mind and that is being closed-minded and not wanting to experience new things. Try new things makes life fun!’

So, there you have it and now you know what men really want, so go out there and be confident in yourself and love will find you!

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