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The Ultimate Soulmate Test - Have You Found 'The One'?

The idea that there is only one special person out there for everyone does seem a little absurd, given that there are 7 billion of us on the planet! Have you found your soulmate? Here are 10 indications that you have indeed! Take the test to find out!

Finding the right person for you can sometimes take a while, but don’t worry when you eventually find them, you’ll soon realize that all the waiting will all have been worth it! Life seems so much sweeter when it is shared with someone, so have you found your perfect other half?

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10 signs you’ve found your soulmate:

  1. You don’t need to talk in order to understand each other. Does a simple look into your partner’s eyes let you know what they’re thinking? As our leading expert, Susan says, ‘Your soulmate should be able to guess what you’re thinking and should be able to communicate deeply with you, without saying much at all’.
  2. You feel good with them. When you find your soulmate, you just know, there’s something inside of us that just tells us when it’s right. It's as if we are equipped with radars.
  3. You feel as if you have always known them. You probably don’t know why, but if you have found your soulmate, you’ll no doubt feel like you have known them for years and years, even if it’s not the case.
  4. You immediately felt comfortable around them.Our head expert Susan explains, ‘when soulmates find each other, something clicks and they can really open up to each other without being embarrassed or holding back’.
  5. You were immediately attracted to them. Something unexplainable happens between you both and the slightest psychical contact seems electric, the touching of hands sends waves through your body.
  6. Your relationship isn’t always smooth sailing, but you always manage to sort things out, because your love for each other is so strong.
  7. You both have the same end goal. When you think of your future, you and you partner both want the same things and you have the same expectations of each other.
  8. Love has no age limit. You could meet you soulmate at any given moment and if they really are your soulmate, you’ll find yourself falling for them more and more every day.
  9. You are one. Although you are different, you make a great team and you need your partner to feel good, without them, there is something missing.
  10. You laugh uncontrollably together! You know your partner’s sense of humor of by heart and bounce off of each other!

So, how did you do, have you found your soulmate?

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