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Our Psychics Put To The Test

So, being the good sports that we are, our entire editorial team tried out a telephone consultation with one of our psychics, and despite our reluctance at the beginning, overall, we were blown away by the experience. i was the first up, so here’s a recap of how my consultation went.

I was the first of the team to step up and go through with my consultation!  I won’t hide the fact that prior to our phone call with Susan, I had never really given astrology a second thought and certainly didn’t believe in it. Regardless of my skepticism, I thought why not, after all who knows, it could actually be fun!  

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I tried out a psychic consultation!

The psychic’s name:


How did I choose Susan?

I chose Susan based on her photo because she looked very smiley and I felt as if I could be comfortable around her and open up! Her positive reviews from other people also caught my eye and reassured me!

What question did I ask?

How will my career and job evolve.

Method used

Tarot cards.

The price

The price of the consultation with Susan was $1 or £1 for 10 minutes.

What information did Susan ask for?

Susan asked for my first name and my date of birth.

How was the consultation carried out?

I gave Susan the information she required and asked my question, then Susan started to choose the tarot cards and gave me the answer. Her answer wasn’t very surprising, but only time will tell if she was right or not.

What impressed me?

I didn’t need to go into vast amounts of details and yet Susan was able to describe two important events in my career, which really blew me away. I was very impressed by her!


Susan’s voice made me feel totally comfortable and allowed me to open up.



Post-consultation thoughts?

I was totally astonished by her abilities.

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