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Get to Know the Psychics - Paul

Read about the background of some of our most popular psychics! We’ve asked our psychics to give us an insight into their personal life, from how they discovered their gifts to what they hope to achieve in life. Read on to get to know them in more depth!

Personal Background

Hi Paul, could you please tell us where were you born? 

Hello! I was born in Portugal and I am currently living in Botswana.

How would you explain your basic life philosophy?

I’m an optimistic person and I believe that if you want something to happen in life, you need to set your mind on an end goal. Hard work is crucial but the most important factor is the ability to believe in yourself.  You need to learn to let go and be conscious that the universe will help you find your way. Even if it‘s not always the path we want, trust in the universe.

How do you want to be remembered? 

What is most important for me is to be remembered as a mentor, a writer and a good person.

What’s something most people do not know about you? 

That I read Tarot cards.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

I’m very keen to travel to India because of its color and spirituality.

Professional Background

Describe your natural abilities? 

I am a sensitive and intuitive medium with healing abilities. That basically means I have a strong sense of the other side but doesn’t necessarily mean (as most people assume) that I am allowed to or am supposed to be asking spirits certain things or trying to get messages from them, even though I know my spiritual guides always assist me in my work.

How did you discover you had this gift?

After I turned 22, more and more things started happening that pointed me in this direction. For example, I had two car accidents on my 22nd birthday, a lot of things broke or stopped working around me and a few days later, on Friday the 13th, I had another car accident in a brand new car… That’s when I understood, even though I was just finishing my studies, that I needed to start listening to, developing and working with my spiritual side.

Did you inherit these special abilities? 

Yes, they run in the family. My great grandmother used to heal people with her hands, massaging them, and her sister was a medium of incorporation. People would go from all around the island to see her. My grandmother and my mother both have a strong intuition, but they never really tried to develop their gift.

What is the biggest spiritual connection you’ve ever encountered? 

When I first started practicing Reiki I instantly felt a connection to the energy to the point where I would almost detach from my physical body whilst feeling my energetic body vibrating all around me.

If you would like to speak to Paul personally for advice and guidance, why not check out his page? 

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