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What is the Link Between Karma and Soulmates?

The link between Karma and soulmates is a very close one, you may have known someone in a past life and then come across them again by chance in this life and have a feeling of déjà-vu and safety in their presence. Our experts explain more…

“Soulmates immediately feel at ease around each other.”

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What is the link between Karma and soulmates?

The astrology of Karma that I practice allows me to know with certainty if the person that you have met in the past is a soulmate of yours. I often explain to my patients in terms of geniuses such as Mozart and Beaudelaire who were almost certainly not in their first life.

When you’ve had past lives, you’ve loved previously, you’ve created families, links and friends and for me this is the link between Karma and soulmates.

How do you know when you’ve found a soulmate?

A soulmate is someone who we relate to out of instinct, who we immediately can communicate with in a very personal way and who immediately makes you happy. Your perspective shifts when you meet your soulmate.

From the very beginning soulmates can communicate without any difficulty and without the fear of being judged. Soulmates can often see similarities between themselves and therefore feel immediately at ease in each other’s presence. When you are around your soulmate it is easy to relax and to show your weaknesses. Soulmates can often read each other’s thoughts, finish each other’s sentences and find themselves doing things at the same time such as picking up the phone to call each other in the same moment.

Soulmates know instinctively that they’re a half of a whole and therefore nothing can come in between them. The electricity that you feel being shared between the two of you is not always sexual, it can be in the form of a friendship as well. Finding your soulmate can send your mind into a whirlwind for several years and your life can completely change direction after such a profound experience. You may have known them for a long time, but you’ll find yourself falling in love with them over and over every day.

You may not both have the same ideas of what you want from life but you will place value on the same things. Be aware though, this soulmate relationship isn’t always smooth running, your soulmate can push your buttons in the same way anyone else would and you'll have to put in effort to make the relationship work. A relationship with a soulmate isn’t always without difficulties, despite what people often think. This kind of relationship is easier to handle with age. Therefore it is not uncommon for soulmates to reunite after years and years when they are more stable and prepared for the intensity of the relationship.

Do soulmates always find each other?

It’s hard to guarantee that they’ll always find each other, it is likely that they’ll find each other jut because they often have the same hobbies and interests and are likely to move towards the same sort of career. The souls of the two people are drawn together because they have already known each other in past lives, either through being a couple or being good friends or just acquaintances. A soulmate is someone that you can share things with, not just over one life but over thousands of years and many different lives.

Finding your soulmate is an experience like no other, it allows you clarity and strength to create the bets life for yourself.

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