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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

You no doubt don’t give your sleeping position a second thought because it just seems natural, and if you do, you probably think that it is of little or of no great importance whatsoever, however, your sleeping position does actually reveal lots of information about your personality and your character traits.

The average adult regularly tosses and turns before falling asleep for the night. A worried and anxious person will endure several turbulent nights, full of dreams or even nightmares, causing them to change position repeatedly both before falling asleep and during the night.

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What your sleeping position says about you

Sleeping in the fetal position

The fetal position is the definitely the most popular sleeping position.

Sleeping on your side with your legs pulled up to your stomach reveals a certain sensitivity and a desire to return to childhood times, in order to escape responsibilities and the hardships of adult life.

If you sleep in the fetal position and clutch onto your pillow as if it were a teddy bear, this means you are slightly insecure and need to be reassured by your entourage when facing difficult decisions and situations.

Sleeping on your side

Sleeping on your right side indicates you are a sociable person, who hates being alone. Lots of adults dislike sleeping on their left side because hearing their heartbeat disturbs them, although sleeping on your left side helps improve your health, but implies a fear of change and adaption difficulties.

Sleeping on your side, with your hand placed on your cheek

Sleeping with your hand on your cheek reveals a real need for tenderness and a lack of affection and cuddles. The cheek symbolizes tenderness and affection, therefore sleeping in this position is a great personality indicator.

Sleeping on your stomach

Children and teenagers tend to sleep in this very position. Sleeping on your stomach beyond your teenage years reveals a sexually frustrated side, this position is rather sensual, because the genital area is placed in contact with the bed. Sleeping on your stomach could also take you back to your childhood or teenage years and is often the favored position of dreamers and hypersensitive people.

Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back is an unconscious reference to death. If you are someone that sleeps on their back, you are likely to be someone very relaxed and chilled-out.

Sleeping on your back, with your hands either on your stomach or behind your head

If you tend to sleep on your back with your hands on your stomach, it is likely that you are experiencing changes in your life or failure, this position represents your motivation and allows you to feel safe and protected from harm.

Sleeping with your hands behind your head – regardless of the fact that this position will cause you to have pins and needles in your arms, this position highlights that you are a quite an immature, childish person, yet generous and attentive at the same time, especially if you are someone that sleeps with your arm under your pillow.

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