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Will You Experience a Mid-life Crisis?

The words mid-life crisis no doubt resonate in your head for one reason or another, but have you actually experienced one or are you currently going through one? Mid-life crises involve wanting to throw in the towel and start over, but such sudden changes of heart can often cause lots of upheaval in our lives. Astrology plays an significant role in mid-life crises, read on to find out what importance it has.

No one is immune to mid-life crises and both men and women can experience them, it’s a rite of passage experienced in our life time, but the effect of this phenomenon can be different from one person to another. Some people take mid-life crises in their stride, whereas others are more shaken up by the whole experience and every area of their life is affected, including their love lives, jobs and family lives!

Astrology is in fact linked to mid-life crises, think about it, from the time you were born to your 40th birthday the planets move and their movements have an effect on your personality, for example when Pluto and Uranus align, you’ll be full of wild ideas due to their configuration. To find out whether you’ll go through a mid-life crisis and how you and your loved ones will be affected, consult an experienced astrologer.

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Hello Ema, can you explain to us how mid-life crises are linked to astrology?

Mid-life crises are linked to planet cycles which move through the years. When you are born, the planets are located at precise point and eventually over numerous years, they move. When people turn 40, Pluto moves slowly around the zodiac and forms what’s known as a ‘Square’, which in astrological terms is a 90° space between the position of Pluto when you were born and Pluto’s position on your 40th birthday, the same principle applies to Neptune and Uranus.

Evidently, the planetary configurations can often be explosive and are frequently the cause of tension in our lives. Following the profound planetary changes, which aren’t always negative, helps us have a better idea of the people we are and how we deal with things.

Let’s take a deeper look at the different planetary aspects common in our lives:

  •   Pluto in transit when you are 38/40 years old and taking up the ‘Square’ position (90°) from Pluto’s position at your birth. Pluto’s particular location at this point is literally life changing, and will help to change our perspective on things and even our values.
  •   Neptune in transit when you are 41/42 years old and taking up the ‘Square’ position from Neptune’s position at your birth. This change of position reawakens your life regrets and disillusions.
  •   Uranus in transit when you are 41/42 years old, opposite the original position of Uranus at your birth. The new position of Uranus will cause you to question everything, you’ll want more independence and to make big         changes to your life.

Between the ages of 38 and 42, you can expect big changes to come about. Thanks to Pluto, people are likely to want to start experiencing new things and to make their wildest dreams come true. Neptune will prepare us to make some radical changes and Uranus will make us crave independence.

The planetary positioning plays an important role regarding the seriousness of mid-life crises and according to the sectors and themes concerned, people are likely decide to change careers or even move to another country to kick-off their new lease of life. Life itself could also throw us some curveballs during this period including, redundancy and break-ups, in order to force people to discover who they really are, although this may be difficult to accept in the heat of the moment!

People can also experience identity crises around about these times, but be reassured that these difficult periods can be overcome with the help of therapy. It’s true what they say, turning 40 is life changing!

Is everyone affected by mid-life crises?

Yes! The planetary transitions mentioned above affect everyone, however the impact of the transitions depends largely on the person’s personality, their upbringing, their influences and culture…

What are the worst star configurations for an explosive mid-life crisis?

'There are endless possibilities, but one of the main ones consists of the Sun being either narrowly linked to, next to, opposite or at 90° angle from Uranus or Pluto. I know someone who went through a spectacular mid-life crisis, in every sense of their life! The Sun was positioned next to the same position of Uranus AND Pluto at the time of her birth!!!'

Why do some people go through mid-life crises at 50 or even 30?

'When people turn 30, Saturn turns on itself and returns to its original zodiac position on the day of people’s birthdays, after having moved around the zodiac system, this represents a step in the direction of maturity, where we pass firmly to adulthood and we have to accept our responsibilities. Saturn is the wise planet and act as a reminder for those who refuse to grow up'.

'At 50 years old, Saturn plays a very beneficial role in our lives, and helps us to react to things that we would never have dreamed of reacting to before, Saturn helps us keep a clear head. I meet lots of people who ‘explode’ at 49/50 years old, because they try to curb their mid-life crisis and haven’t listened to their desires for years, yet at 50, when their children have grown up, they tend to focus on themselves more and listen to their inner needs, however, it's sometimes too late and their desires explode! Other factors influencing mid-life crises also need to be taken into account. For women, hormones play an important part, at 50 women become even more critical of their selves and they are generally unprepared for this period of time'.

Why are men more affected by mid-life crises than women?

‘Is that according to surveys? Because I honestly don’t think it’s the case… I’m surrounded by women in my private and professional life and women always want my advice, because they can’t cope with the process and need to be guided through it!’

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