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The Science of Clairvoyance

Mediums, clairvoyants, magnetizers… Some people are able to see into the future and heal people, but is there really a scientific explanation for all of these extraordinary powers and if so what is it? Our experts have all the answers to your questions…

Albert Einstein once proclaimed ‘The energy field is one of life’s only realities’, so what if he had already unknowingly answered all of our questions? What if life extended way beyond energetic matter?

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Channeling explained by science

As the name suggests, a medium channels between worlds, can communicate with the deceased and transfer messages from beyond the grave.

Scientific explanation: Survival of the conscience

The conscience can be likened to a magnetic field, which continues living on outside of the body, which explains why some people are able to communicate with the souls of the deceased. Scientifically speaking, mediums cannot communicate with the dead, but with energies.

Clairvoyance explained by science

Clairvoyants are able to gather information about past and future events, which are impossible for non-gifted people to collect. As far as Clairvoyants are concerned, as soon as they hear a voice or a signal, flashes appear to them. Their visions are diverse and can focus on the past, present or future.

Scientific explanation: The strength of our unconscious

Clairvoyance is classed as an Extra-Sensory Perception, but not widely recognized by the scientific community. Clairvoyance is often associated to near death experiences, including a loss of consciousness, being in a coma, or under anesthetic. A rational explanation can be taken from the fact that the human body can look into the future and better prepare for it when unconscious.

Magnetism explained by science

Magnetism is also known as energetic medicine, is the act of easing pains by emitting positive energy and ridding negativity.

Scientific explanation: The magnetic field

The human body is full of energy, known as chakras in Asia. The scientific explanation goes that the heart produces an electromagnetic impulsion which triggers a magnetic field to flow through the blood and this reaction can extend to the skin. By aligning themselves with Earths movements, a Magnetizer can heal by laying their hands on an injury and hence removing the negative energy and pain.

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