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5 Amazing First Date Ideas You'll Definitely Love

Planning a first date can be difficult, we want to make a good impression and often want to do something a little out of the ordinary to avoid the whole cinema and for a meal status quo scenario. There are hundreds of ideas for a successful first date, so why not step away from the conventional, stop being like everybody else and do something a little more creative, your date will definitely be impressed.

What makes a good first date?

For a first date to be successful, the conversation is equally as important as the activity itself. Keep in mind that the activity should be fun and allow you to get to know your date.

Lots of pressure, huh?

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Check out our 5 ideas for a great first date

1) Go bowling

Yes, bowling is an old-school activity, but a fun one nonetheless. A game of bowling will give you the opportunity to have a beer and get to know each other, in a competitive atmosphere. Bowling alleys are normally always busy, so this will take the edge of a little bit and ease any first date nerves that you might have and help your date to loosen up too! When we are comfortable, we have more fun and we open up more, which is why a game of bowling is ideal for a first date.

2) Comedy club

The key to someone’s heart is often through laughter and there is no better formula for a successful first date than making your date crease with laughter. To take the pressure off of your shoulders, book tickets for a comedy club in your town and enjoy some drinks whilst enjoying the show and your date.

3) Go for drinks

You’ll probably feel a bit apprehensive about your first date with a love interest; it’s important to ensure the atmosphere is relaxed, what better way to get rid of first date nerves than over a few drinks? Another great thing about going to a bar is that the date is quite casual, so if you decide that you’re not interested in the person, or that there is no spark between you, you can make your excuses and then a quick exit! 

4) Music gig or a sporting event

Go and watch your favorite band or sports team, these ideas guarantee a casual atmosphere for you to get to know your date better and determine whether or not you actually like them, and if you aren’t particularly attracted to your date the event will act as a good distraction.

5) Aquarium

Aquariums are great places for first dates and the setting is just perfect! Take a leisurely stroll, whilst admiring the beautiful surroundings and perhaps your date at the same time! Going to the aquarium will make for a relaxed date and give you plenty of time for conversation, in between looking at the marine life.

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