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10 Essential Steps To Totally Killer Confidence

Are you likely to worry about going to a party when you don't know anybody, do you often underestimate your capabilities and fade into the background when your boss asks for volunteers, or do you even try to avoid small talk with your neighbor? If any of these situations hit home for you, you probably suffer from a lack of confidence. Here are 10 tips to turn the situation around and help you grow in confidence!

A lack of self-confidence is a common problem nowadays, and according to a recently conducted survey of 1000 people, 68% lack confidence regarding their intelligence, 69% feel anxious when talking and 54% are not comfortable with their physical appearance!

Self-confidence is an essential quality and it allows you to seduce, persuade and move up in both daily life and the professional world. Self-confidence is the key to success, so become a real go-getter and dare to assert yourself. Follow our tips to grow in confidence!

Our 10 top tips to grow in confidence...

1) Eye contact

If you lack confidence, eye contact is probably a big challenge for you, but it’s the golden rule of all good communication. Eye contact is as important as what you say, if you look at the floor when people speak to you, people will automatically right you off as being shy, which is exactly what you want to avoid.

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2) Engage in conversation

You know the saying ‘practice makes perfect’, well it also applies to self-confidence, so why not try to engage a conversation, start by saying hello and then talking about topics in the news, don’t forget to ask questions. The more you practice sparking up conversation, the easier it’ll become for you.

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3) Use your passion/interests to your advantage

To gain confidence and self-assurance, what better to talk about than your passion or a subject that you excel in? Having a passion or interest will give you hours of conversation.

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4) Strengths and weaknesses

Being self-confident is about knowing what you’re worth. If repeat failures eat away at you, perhaps you need to re-evaluate the objectives you set for yourself, it might be that they are too ambitious. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses.

Confidence tips

5) Stop comparing yourself to others

‘He/she is slimmer, and more intelligent than me’. ‘I’ll never be as good as him or her’, this type of negative behavior is harmful for yourself self-esteem, you need to accept yourself as you are and stop trying to measure up to other people. Be you!

Confidence tips

6) Put your opinions across

Not saying anything, or even worse just going along with other people’s opinions will not help you gain confidence, so come out of your shell and show people who you really are and what you really think about things. Daring to put your opinions across is simultaneous with being self-confident.

Confidence tips

7) A positive attitude

Think positively ‘I am the best’, ‘Of course I’m capable’, ‘This one is for me!’. Perhaps you’re not a big believer in self-persuasion, but what have you got to lose? Motivate yourself like an Olympic champion before a competition and give yourself a bit of a boost. After repeating these phrases to yourself hundreds of times, you’ll eventually start to believe that you really are the best.

Confidence tips

8) Get out of your comfort zone

To be confident, you need to be able to deal with any situation that life throws at you. If you always take your car to work, why not take the bus to make a change or change supermarkets for your weekly shop or even change your furniture around at home. Try getting used to new environments and you’ll soon feel much more comfortable.

Confidence tips

9) Block out your negative voice

‘I’m not good enough!’ Does little voice ring a bell? It should do because it appears whenever you are confronted by a problem or whenever you have failed at something, block it out and replace it with a positive voice.

Confidence tips

10) Attitude

The way you come across is linked to the attitude you portray. Talk in an assured tone and learn to poke fun at yourself, these are the best ways to come across as confident and self-assured.

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