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British Summer Traditions

Summer is in full swing, well summer British summer, meaning there is slightly less rain than usual, but we won’t let a little rain and bad weather put us off from having fun and getting outside. Admittedly, we may not have the best weather and our summers are sometimes a bit of a washout, but we do have some great summer traditions that are not to be missed!

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Drink Pimms for a taste of summer

Grab a jug, cut up some fresh fruit; strawberries, oranges, lemons, cucumber, then add some mint, some Pimms and then some lemonade for good measure, and there you’ll have the perfect recipe for a cool, refreshing beverage.

Strawberries and cream

Eating strawberries and cream is probably one of the biggest English summer stereotypes, along with bad weather and rainy days. Strawberries and cream are associated with the London based tennis tournament, Wimbeldon.


The strawberries and cream tradition leads us on nicely to our next summer tradition, which is Wimbeldon! Wimbeldon takes place in July and has been a firm British summer tradition since the first tournament in 1884. Wimbeldon is the perfect opportunity to see your favorite sporting greats out there on the court, it’s also a great opportunity to indulge food wise, on average 25,000 scones and 29,000 bottles of champagne are served each year during the tournament.

Relax with a beer or 5…

Britain is home to some fantastic beer gardens, where you can relax with your friends, enjoy a few rays of sunshine and soak up the great atmosphere.

Go to a village fete

Summer wouldn’t be summer without local village fetes taking place up and down the country. Village fetes are the perfect opportunity to get together with your community, find some bargains, enjoy some good food and even watch the children of your village perform with their theatre or dance troupes.

BBQs and picnics

Summer is made for being outside with friends and family, even if the weather isn’t quite reminiscent of the Caribbean, picnics and BBQs are a great way to gather your loved ones for an afternoon or an evening of fun! 
Take advantage of the summer as much as you can, it only comes around once a year, so enjoy every moment of it!

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