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Is My Partner Cheating On Me? 4 Sure Signs Of Adultery

Suspecting your partner is cheating on you is an incredibly difficult situation to deal with. If you believe that your partner is being unfaithful, it’s best to take the bull by the horns and address the situation as soon as possible. The longer you put it off, the worse it will be in the long run. If your partner has aroused your suspicions, follow our 4 steps to find out for sure.

Cheating is the biggest and most frequent reason relationships break down. If you've ever been cheated on in the past, you'll know that it's not a great experience. Discover the 4 surefire signs your partner is cheating on you.

4 Signs your partner is cheating on you:

1) Different bedroom behavior

Look out for a change in your partner’s sex drive, this could go two ways, either your man may have totally lost his libido or your partner is becoming less and less interested in bedroom activities. These are both clear signs that your partner is seeing someone else and fulfilling his desires elsewhere.


Other unusual bedroom habits to look out for are if he suddenly becomes more adventurous and wants to try new things, this should set alarm bells off because he may be getting his new moves from somebody else.

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2) A sudden change in attitude

Perhaps your partner has recently started showering you with compliments and with gifts for no apparent reason, yes we all love receiving gifts, but this could be a sign that he is playing away and is feeling guilty about betraying you. 

This sudden change in attitude could also be down to the fact that he wants to spoil you or wants to make things up to you for one reason or another.

3) Secretive phone habits

Have his phone habits changed at all? Has he changed his password or does his phone seem as if it’s glued to his hand? Is he constantly on his phone and jumpy whenever he receives text messages? These are all strong indicators that your partner is being unfaithful.

4) A change in grooming habits

Has his bathroom routine changed recently? Most men spend on average 5 minutes getting ready in the morning, so if you notice that your man is spending more time than usual in front of the mirror, this could be a sign that he is putting in the extra effort for another woman. 


Perhaps your partner has recently become a gym bunny, whereas before he was a complete couch potato, spending time working on his body is also an indication that he may have met someone else and is eager to impress her.

What to do if you are 99% sure he is being unfaithful…

1) Become Sherlock Holmes

The only way you’ll know for sure is to do a little investigating of your own. Look through his phone if you have the chance, has he been calling unknown numbers or even worse are there any incriminating messages? Search his Facebook and social media pages, look through his friends list and any messages that he may have. 

To become the ultimate detective, check his bank statements, are there any transactions that seem out of the ordinary, look for restaurant, bar or even hotel payments.

2) Take things a step further and follow him

If you have some evidence but still feel as if you need some solid confirmation, follow him to find out where he really goes when he says he is working late or has a business dinner. To go incognito, borrow a friend’s car that he won’t recognize and keep your distance when en-route.

3) Ask him straight out

If all else fails and you are still left wondering, don’t be afraid to ask him out right, although it may be difficult, this is the only way you’ll know definitely and put your mind to rest. Catch him off guard so he won’t have the time to prepare any excuses and when he answers listen to your gut feeling and you’ll know.

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