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Does He Like Me?

Have you ever been in that situation where you were really attracted to someone and you couldn’t get them out of your head, but you weren't sure if the feeling was mutual? Or, perhaps you are just wondering how to spot the signs that someone is checking you out, if so, here’s what to look out for.

Steps to finding out if he finds you attractive:

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Study his body language

Body language is a real giveaway to what we are feeling, hence why examining body language is essential in order to find out if you have caught someone’s eye. According to body language experts, there are a few undeniable telltale signs to look out for when you believe someone is attracted to you.  

  1.     Leaning towards you and engaging you.
  2.     The direction of his hands and feet; if they are pointed in your direction it’s a sign that he is interested in you.
  3.     Eye contact, if he can’t take his eyes off you this is a good indicator he’s into you.

Is he touchy feely?

Touch is a important sign of interest, so try to look out for his reaction to being touched by you, try lightly touching his hand when he tells a joke, if he doesn’t jump out of his skin upon contact, it’s a sure sign he’s interested in taking things further with you.

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Does he act nervously when he’s around you? Does he giggle nervously, act fidgety or even have sweaty palms when he’s in your company? If so, the chances are he is worried about trying to make a good impression on you and is calculating his every move to win you over!


Teasing and joking with you in a flirty manner indicates that he is into you, this applies to men of all ages and it shows that he has singled you out and is trying to use his charm to bowl you over.


If you change your hair or makeup look and your love interest notices, it’s a strong sign that he likes you. If you find yourself receiving compliments from him, ‘You look nice today’, or ‘I like your dress’, are all clear signs that you’ve caught his attention.

If your love interest is demonstrating any of these signals, congratulations there’s a great chance he is into you and wants to take things further, so if you are interested be receptive to his advances and signals of interest and let things develop naturally!

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