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The Fourth of July: Everyone In Stars And Stripes!

The 4th of July, but also know as Independence Day, is arguably one of the biggest national holidays in the USA. It dates back to the 18th century when America declared their independence from Great Britain in 1776, while the day only became a national holiday in 1941. Henceforth, the 4th of July is considered America's birthday!

The 4th of July is here once again and it's time to get partying and celebrating this great day! We've decided to take a look at some of the best ways people celebrate this grand day. 

How do we celebrate the 4th of July?

Firework displays

The first Fourth of July celebrations were held in 1777 and to mark the occasion, bells were rung, guns were fired, candles were lit and fireworks were set off. Not much has changed in terms of celebrations, and Americans love to reminisce about Independence Day by letting off fireworks in all big cities, the biggest display is in New York on the East River.


The Fourth of July is the perfect excuse to gather friends and loved ones and around the BBQ, the dinner table or even the picnic blanket. Some families make their way to local parks in the evening to watch the fireworks displays and have a bite to eat with the rest of their community at a locally organized BBQ, the idea is to bring the whole community together on the 4th to rejoice over this landmark tradition.

4th of July food

July is national hotdog month, so what better way to celebrate than by eating as many hotdogs as you possibly can! Salads are also poplar on the 4th, given that July is one of the hottest months, American families often sit down and tuck into a nice refreshing salad to celebrate the day’s events. As for dessert, strawberry cheesecake tops the list and is the most commonly served dessert! Sounds delicious!


Early 18th century celebrations included decorating ships red, white and blue to represent the American flag, today these three are still widely used to decorate houses and even cars in some deeply patriotic areas of the country.

Patriotic dress up

Some Americans even choose to go one step further and wear clothes featuring the US flag design or they may simply elect to wear red, white and blue. On the 4th, it is not uncommon to see American flag face paints when attending local marches and parades.  

If your birthday is the 4th of July…

People born on the 4th of July are Cancers, they are naturally determined and don’t let anything get in their way. Those born on July 4th are practical, level headed and hardworking, they care deeply for their families and are naturally caring, but at times temperamental.

Birthday luck and meaning

Being born on the 4th of July means your numerical reference to your birthday is honesty, which illustrates your caring, attentive nature. The stone for those born on the 4th is Topaz. Topaz evokes tranquility and is known to boost confidence.

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