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5 Simple Steps To Landing A Second Date With Someone You Really Like

Have you ever been on date that you thought went amazingly, but in the end were left sitting by the phone all night waiting for a call that never came. ‘Why didn’t he call me back?’ is the dreaded question most people ask themselves at least once in their life. Here’s how to avoid racking your brain for answers and land that second date straight away!

First dates can be nerve-wracking experiences, but try to put your worries aside and have fun! According to studies, men are able to decide within the first couple of minutes whether or not their date is potential wife material. So ladies, make sure to blow your date away by following our tips to land that all important second rendezvous.

Here's how to bag that second date in 5 steps...

1) Ask your date questions

As women we love talking, so put this skill to good use and get to know your date a bit better. Ask questions about where they grew up, what their free time hobbies are, but try not to dominate the conversation too much, your date doesn’t want to feel like he is being interviewed.

2) Don’t talk about your ex

Men don’t want to hear about your ex boyfriends or husbands, this is a sign that you are not over them and that you aren’t ready to move on to a new relationship.

3) Be exciting

Try to give off the impression that you are open-minded and exciting, men find these qualities irresistible chez women. Talk about your travels, any adventures you have had and your future ambitions.

4) Don’t drink too much

Dating specialists advise a two drink maximum rule, any more than two could loosen your tongue a bit too much and make you appear sloppy and less feminine.

5) Go in for a kiss

Going in for a kiss is the most important rule to follow! According to dating gurus, if you feel chemistry with your date, you have to go in for the kiss at some point, in order to avoid being friend zoned. Being friend zoned is the worst possible outcome because it’s unlikely that you’ll land a second date, so be brave and go for it if you like them!

3 Second rendez-vous golden rules:

1) Listen

Be a good listener and remember to laugh at all his jokes, men love women who take the time to listen to them and someone who laughs at their jokes is a bonus, show him you have a great sense of humor!

2) Be real

In order to make a real emotional connection, you need to be yourself, don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind and let your guard down, let him see the real you.

3) Be cheerful

A big smile is a powerful weapon in the dating world, so don’t hold back, he won’t think you are crazy. Remember, if you are cheerful, your energy will rub off on him and he’ll have a good time and will definitely want to see you again!

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