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Balance your Personal and Working Life

Nowadays, it seems that our jobs have found a way to invade our private lives, to the point that we cannot stop ourselves from checking our work emails no matter where we are, be it at a family meal, on a date or out with friends, we cannot tear ourselves away from work. Here are 5 tips to help address our work dependence.

According to recent studies, 96% of workers no longer wish to have their work life so entwined with their private life and 66% of workers believe their bosses are insensitive to the problem of work/life balance. If you are part of the 23% of workers who put in extra unpaid hours at home, then these tips are essential for you.

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Here are our 5 top tips to help you find the perfect balance:

1) Prioritize

With your children’s sports clubs, meetings and household chores awaiting you after a long 8 hour working day, no one could blame you for feeling a bit all over the place! Prioritize to make the most of your family time, the washing can wait a little longer, there’s no great rush. Why not create a to-do list of chores, this will help you decide what is urgent and what can wait a little longer.

2) Get up earlier

Busy mornings seem endless and even before starting the working day, many people already feel stressed, after having run around the house and rallying the troops. Try setting your alarm at least 30 minutes earlier 3 days a week and use this time to work out, read, have a hearty breakfast or to do all the things that you don’t have the time to do in the evenings.

3) Take some time for YOU

Remember the good old days, when you went to the cinema or out for a drink with friends. Back then you didn’t collapse on the sofa every evening, but things have changed, now you friends don’t receive your text messages and you can’t remember the last time you took a relaxing bath.
It’s time to take action! Try to take at least 2 ‘you days’ a month, call your parents, go to a restaurant, get your nails done or go to the gym… Take time to do what you want to do and forget about work for a bit!

4) Leave your work at work

It’s not always easy and especially with your phone and laptop beside you, you might be tempted to check your emails or make calls to customers. Turning off your electronic devices is the key to enjoying your free time! Set yourself a cut off time, where you stop all work related projects and instead, spend some quality time with your children and your partner, play games and communicate. Explain that you are under lots of pressure at work and they will understand.

5) Delegate

Delegate household chores in order to save time, maybe your parents are free in the afternoon and could do the school run for you or pick up your parcels. Why not invest in an automatic robot hoover or even a cleaner to lighten the load for you.

Following these tips will really make a great difference to your life!

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