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Win Back Your Ex in 3 Steps

The end of a relationship is always a challenging moment to overcome, especially if the relationship has finished on difficult terms. Nasty exchanges can be tough to endure, especially if you still have feelings for your ex-partner… Does your ex want nothing more to do with you? Here’s how to turn things around and win them back in 3 easy steps!

Are you having a hard time dealing with the end of your relationship and accepting your new status? Is your love for your ex strong enough to overcome this difficult period? Are you worried you have lost your ex definitively because of your petty behavior? Perhaps you’re unable to imagine our life without your ex, well if this is the case, here’s what to do to get them back.

In aid of 'Forget-Me-Not Day', here's our guide to get back your ex!

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3 Steps to win back your ex:

1) Keep your distance...

Straight after a breakup, you have to give your ex some space and time, although it’s hard, you need to let the dust settle. The first few days will be the worst because you’ll need time to adjust and to get used to your new situation, but above all, resist the urge to bombard your ex with tearful phone calls. Instead, you need to make yourself irresistible! Pick yourself up and hold your head up high!

Avoid apologetic messages and camping outside your ex’s door; these won’t do you any favors either! You won't want them to think you're a stalker!

Even though you’re going through a hard time, you must respect your ex’s decision, this is the most effective way to make him or her realize that they miss you and that they have made a terrible mistake in ending things.

2) Look after yourself...

After being in a relationship for a longtime, you need to take some time out to find yourself again. Regardless of your sadness, don’t forget to look after yourself and try to regain some of your independence. Remember you are your own person!

To have a chance of winning back your ex, you have to be irresistible, so forget the crying and the feeling sorry for yourself, dress to impress and be as sexy as you possibly can, you’ll be sure to turn heads!

The aftermath of a breakup could also be the perfect time to reflect on what went wrong and how you can change things. Take some time to work on yourself and think about what your ex wanted you to change or do differently, this may help you in your quest to win them back! Your mature attitude will definitely have a positive impact and your ex will certainly notice the efforts you are making to change.

3) Be patient...

Getting back your ex is something that will take time; Rome wasn’t built in a day! Your ex may even refuse to talk to you for quite a while afterwards, so don’t force things between you. Getting back in contact after a breakup can take a while, because you both need to process the recent events. If the breakup was a messy one, chances are things could take even longer to smooth out.

When you eventually start talking again, avoid being too emotional, as this may reopen some old wounds. When you see each other, don’t be argumentative, that won’t get you anywhere, be calm, you want a healthy relationship, not a toxic one.

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