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2016 Summer Festival Guide

Festivals are great fun on the condition that festival goers are well prepared in order to steer clear of the mayhem and disasters. We’ve compiled a guide full of useful tips to help you make the most of the festival season this summer and have the best time possible. Following our guide is bound to make your festival experience a memorable one, for all the right reasons!

The UK holds some great festivals throughout the summer period, and this year will be no exception! One of the most renowned and popular music festivals is Glastonbury, with an average attendance of 170,000 music lovers each year. The line-up for the Somerset based festival this year does not disappoint, with headliners including Adele, Muse and Coldplay. 

Here are some useful tips to make the most of your festival experience:

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Dealing with the sun

Music festivals involve being outside for long periods of time and quite often in unbearable heat, yes even in the UK! So we advise you to take a reserve of suntan lotion and to reapply it as often as you can. Forgetting to apply adequate amounts of suntan lotion could potentially ruin your festival experience so don’t hesitate to slather up!

Plan your schedule sensibly

Download a map of the festival, as well as the daily program to be sure that you have enough time to squeeze in all of your favorite artists, you may however have to accept that you won’t have the time to see every artist, so prioritize wisely. 


Music festivals are not well known for being particularly glamourous events, so don’t worry about taking your hair-straighteners or make-up bags. Be prepared to get a little dirtier than you usually would and kiss goodbye to your shower. Invest in a stock of wet wipes and tissues to ensure you have a minimum amount of comfort during your stay.


Yes it’s a festival, yes the ambiance is electric, and yes everyone appears to be drinking, but try to be careful about the amount of alcohol you consume, you don’t want to fall ill and end up missing Adele’s headline performance.

Take a torch

At nighttime, festivals are dimly lit and therefore not ideal when trying to find the toilets after midnight, nor your tent which resembles that of 1000 other peoples.

Don’t wander off

Be sure to stay with a group of friends and try to avoid wandering off alone. With thousands of music lovers all in one place this is easily done, so why not establish a meeting point should a member of the group get lost and head there if a friend gets lost.

But above all have fun! Music festivals are fantastic opportunities to let loose, discover new artists and to meet new people who share similar interests to you. Keep our tips in mind to have the best experience possible.

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