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Psychic Predicts the Outcome of Brexit Referendum

After a long build up, the referendum regarding Britain’s future in the European Union is finally going to be held on Thursday, 23rd June. This particular referendum is of great importance and will ultimately decide if Britain should remain in or leave the European Union. Our expert Ema Fontayne has given us her insight into how events are going to unfold.

The 'Brexit' referendum has been a long time coming. The current British Prime Minister, David Cameron, promised at the time of his re-election in 2015 that he would hold a referendum regarding the future of Britain in the European Union. The referendum on the 23rd of June will ultimately allow the British Public to have a direct impact on the decision making process behind Brexit and to take the future into their own hands.

Naturally, two leading campaigns have emerged, with leaders defending their preferred outcome. The ‘leave’ campaign is led by Boris Johnson, the former Mayor of London, whereas the ‘remain’ campaign is fronted by David Cameron.

What’s happening next? Find out today with a personal psychic reading.

Our very own psychic medium Ema Fontayne has examined the place, time and date of birth for both Cameron and Johnson in order to offer us her precious insight as to the much awaited result, this is what she predicts;

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is a Gemini and as a typical Gemini, he is intellectual and very logical. He loves learning new things as well as discussing, sharing and defending his ideas. Typical to a politician, Johnson has a charismatic personality, this means that persuading other people and getting them on board comes naturally to him! These are all traits that are incredibly valuable in the lead up to such tense events.

What does the 23rd June hold for Boris Johnson?

On June 23rd, Jupiter looks favourably upon Boris Johnson and will offer him a chance of victory, Pluto will also play an important role this coming Thursday and will help to strengthen his political influence.

David Cameron

The leader of the ‘remain’ campaign is a Libra. This star sign means that Cameron is naturally charming and feels a sense of responsibility to ensure that justice is delivered in all aspects of his life. The convergence of the moon and Jupiter increase Cameron’s chances of success this week as well as his hunger for greatness and recognition. Thanks to Mercury, David Cameron has the gift of being able to turn things in his favour. Saturn also plays an important role in making him the man he is today; determined, stubborn and sure of himself! His strong personality could be decisive in turning votes in his favour.

What does the 23rd June hold for David Cameron?

On the 23rd June, both Venus and the sun will look favourably upon David Cameron, and he will benefit particularly from the planetary alignment. Jupiter along with Pluto will strengthen the Prime Minister’s chances and Mars will also lend a helping hand. The position of the moon on the eve of the referendum indicates success for Cameron and the ‘remain’ campaign.

The outcome

Ema Fontayne has assured us this will not be an easy win for either campaign. Both Cameron and Johnson have a high chance of winning this Thursday as during her reading she was sensing not a clear political defeat from either but rather a more marked public success from Cameron. 

The date of the 23rd itself will play an important role in the outcome but what is certain is that both Boris Johnson and David Cameron will continue to have sound careers even after this big event. It does seem however that the ‘remain’ campaign will narrowly take the victory.

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