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Find Love This Summer

Are you fed up of being single and worried about not finding ‘the one’? If so, look no further and follow our guide on how to meet your perfect partner this season. Summer has finally arrived in the UK, and June is full of outside events to optimise the few weeks of sun the country sees a year; events that act as the perfect occasion for meeting your other half!

Meeting new people is hard, it’s easy to get nervous and overwhelmed… particularly if you’re attracted to the person! So we’ve put together some top tips to ensure if you meet ‘the one’ at an event this summer you’ll be poised and ready to win them over.

1)    Be open-minded.

Don’t be tempted to compile a list of all the qualities and traits that you would ideally want in a partner, this only limits you! Not having a specification list means you will be able to open yourself up to a wider range of potential lovers and therefore have a better chance of finding someone that you really like and with whom you are compatible. It’s time to think outside the box and go for someone unusual… you never know how it might work out!

2)    Smile!

At social events this summer, work the room and be on the charm offensive, show any potential partners that you are warm and smiley. It’s a rare gift to be able to make people feel comfortable in your presence but the starting point for this is to smile! There’s nothing less attractive than someone who is cold and unwilling to let other people in.

3)    Flirt…

Don’t be ashamed to flirt a little to show your interest! They can’t mind read and if you’re too closed off they may think you’re uninterested! The most successful types of flirting are complimenting someone, smiling and positive body language. Smiling and laughing at jokes (even if they’re not funny) is one of the best ways to flirt. The holy grail of successful flirting is eye contact! So be confident and don’t hold back those smouldering glances.

4)    Make interesting conversation:

Try to show an interest in the other person and their life, talk and ask questions about general topics, such as travelling and any hobbies you may have. It’s important to show a real interest in them and this is the perfect opportunity to chat and find out if you have anything in common and if you seem compatible. Show yourself off to them without being arrogant… they want to get to know the real you!

5)    Dress to impress

Royal Ascot is a classic example of a summer event which is sure to be brimming with potential dates! As one of the most prestigious summer events that takes place in the UK it is known for the strict dress code, which almost rivals that of London Fashion Week. Ladies are expected to wear either dresses or skirts of modest length whilst spaghetti straps and halter necks need to be left at home. The men also need to look their most dapper in a suit, complete with a tie and smart black shoes.

Make sure you study the dress code before your event so as to hit the right tone but go for something exciting and eye-catching! Why not stand out? Surely that’s a good place to start if you’re wanting to get noticed by that special someone…

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