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A Birthday Reading For Queen Elizabeth II

Photo credit Flik47 / Shutterstock.com What does our psychic medium predict for the 90th year of Queen Elizabeth's life? Read on to find out...

Is it your birthday coming up but you’re not sure how to celebrate? Are you a Cancer, Virgo or Scorpio and therefore would prefer some close friends and a few drinks to celebrate… Or a Leo, Aries or Gemini and want a huge bash with everyone you know. Queen Elizabeth II is a Taurus and is not holding back on her 90th birthday celebrations!

Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday

Although Queen Elizabeth II officially turned 90 on April the 21st it is a well-known fact that she celebrates two birthdays. The reason for this tradition was started in 1748 by King George II because he was born in November but it was always too cold and wet during that month for him to have an outside birthday celebration. Therefore the tradition was created for a second Official Royal Birthday to be held in June so that the public could enjoy the birthday parade. This annual military parade is known as Trooping the Colour. This year the Trooping the Colour Parade is being held on Saturday June the 11th in London, The Queen’s Birthday Parade will be televised and is three hours long!

As well as the Saturday parade, there is also a Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday June the 10th. The service is also to share the Duke of Edinburgh’s 95th birthday which falls on this Friday. This celebration is smaller and the congregation will be strictly invite only.

The climax of the birthday events will fall on Sunday the 12th of June, The Patron’s Lunch, in which a giant street party will be held in front of Buckingham Palace, inviting 10,000 guests to eat a picnic lunch. 9,000 of these 10,000 guests are from charities that the Queen supports. Members of the general public can take part by having a picnic in St James’ Park where there will be big screens showing the event.

A Reading for The Queen

In honour of this big event, we’ve spoken to one of our psychic mediums, Annada, about what the 90th year of Queen Elizabeth’s life may have in store for her. Annada is an expert with Vedic Astrology (Indian Astrology) and using the Queen’s full name and birthday (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, 21st April 1926), Annada read and interpreted her horoscope, this is what she saw for the upcoming year in the life of Queen Elizabeth II…

“Well I see here that 2016-2017 is going to be a good year for Queen Elizabeth. I see a lot of merriment coming her way in the form of parties and get togethers etc. (which I am aware she enjoys anyways since she is the Queen, but this year it’s going to be different)....she will feel closer to her family this year. There is going to be an air of happiness in her life.

In terms of finances, I see there is going to be an inflow of wealth in her treasury this year... even more than usual!

The Queen may face some minor health issues this year....she needs to be cautious as there is a risk of her having bone related discomfort! (A risk of falling and getting hurt cannot be omitted!). Nothing life threatening, just that she needs to be cautious!

I see that The Queen will be more bent towards spirituality in the coming year. The fact that she has seen it all, will push her closer to the Almighty and will keep her mind at peace.

To finish my reading for Queen Elizabeth II I see that this 90th year is going to bring peace and happiness in the Queen's life (barring a few health related issues mentioned above).”

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