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World Ocean Day – 3 Unexpected Health Benefits to Swimming in the Sea

Did you know that Wednesday 8th of June is World Ocean Day? A day dedicated to ocean celebration and a better future for the marine world.

The sea is crucial to our survival on this planet, it helps generate the oxygen we breathe, it feeds us and it regulates our climate.  We’ve put together the Top 3 Unexpected Health Benefits that come from swimming in the sea, all the more reason to do your part and help preserve the ocean!

For those who are Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces the benefits of swimming in the ocean are endless as those are the zodic signs of water. That makes them highly emotional, deeply romantic and succeptable to ever changing mood swings.

Top 3 Unexpected Health Benefits...

1)    Undoubtedly one of the best things that comes from swimming in clean seawater is the way it benefits your skin! The magnesium in the water does wonders for hydrating any dry or rough patches and it also works on clearing acne and lessening the scars. Don’t spend money on expensive creams and treatments, instead head to the seaside and have a dip in the ocean! Make that a weekly habit and you’ll be amazed by the improvements!

2)    Exercise! Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, simultaneously stretching, flexing and working your muscles, it is known to increase strength and build up bone mass. Then add swimming against a tide and the work out becomes all the more intense. A 15 minute dip every morning when you’re away and there’ll be no need to worry about gaining those extra holiday pounds.

3)    Swimming and spending down time at the beach, either alone or with friends and family is one of the best ways to relax. It’s good for your health to spend time in places you enjoy, with people you love as this is linked to reducing depression and stress. Take a book and have a day in the sun, you deserve it!


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These are the top 3 unexpected health benefits to swimming in the sea and are all the more reason to be aware of your impact on the ocean. Simple changes to your lifestyle such as recycling and re-using rubbish, choosing sustainable seafood, being aware of climate change and its impact on the ocean can all help. Making changes to your lifestyle can seem daunting but in the long run can help both yourself and the environment that surrounds you.

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