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Passionate Love: Is It Healthy Or A Curse?

We’ve all dreamed that one day we’ll experience a Hollywood-worthy love story that would make us laugh and cry, shiver and fall head over heels all at the same time! No one can resist the allure of passionate love. But, here is what you should know before you get yourself into a passionate relationship.

We all dream about experiencing an all consuming love, one that takes over every part of your body and leaves you feeling weak at the knees. But is this high level of passion really a good thing? When love and passion mix together they create a spark, but be careful not to get burnt...  Is is possible to experience this kind of passion without suffering at all?

Sometimes falling in love just isn't enough. Maybe that person doesn't love you back in the same way, or doesn't treat you with the respect you deserve. In these situations being passionately in love can be very bad for you. It's almost impossible to escape the relationship as you could never imagine yourself without the other person... Even if they're not good for you! So here's 

The different stages of a passionate relationship...

Falling Passionately in Love

Without knowing why, you’re incapable of keeping your eyes off this person. Your whole body is attracted to them and you can’t do anything about it. It's love at first sight! If this is happening, it sounds like you've fallen passionately in love. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, falling hard like this can throw us right off course and destroy any plans you had for the future. 

This sounds like true “love at first sight” and a natural explosion of irresistible hormones! In this type of relationship, everything is intensified, and things will move fast! You'll be surprised at how quickly things take off...

“He Loves Me a Little, A Lot, Madly…”

As your relationship begins, feelings can become so strong that they make us lose our mind and revert to primal instincts. Relationships can even become murderous in extreme cases: we all remember the news stories that deal with crimes of passion. Poorly controlled, this wild passion can become dangerous for two people so be careful to control common emotions, such as jealousy.

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Growing the Relationship

A passionate relationship often doesn't work out because it isn’t possible for the relationship to grow and develop once the adrenaline flow at the beginning has ceased. Passion doesn’t last, and after some time, desire will become weaker, emotions less intense, and you’ll need to consider moving forward.

This is when factors such as jealousy and lack of attention start to come into play. As one partner may be more committed than the other and a power play begins. This is very dangerous for those involved, particularly because it is so hard to escape this unhappy circle.

To boost your relationship, think of activities to do together, impromptu traveling, surprises, games you can play with each other, etc. In short, you’ll want to do everything that will give you a good dose of adrenaline and a mutual outlook on your relationship together. Communicate in a mature fashion and work as a team to make this relationship the best it can be.

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