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The Astrology of Conception

Do you know the astrology behind conception? For our astrologist, it’s necessary in order to uncover what goes on during the 9 months of pregnancy, understanding the emotional situation of the parents, and the eventual problems that they could encounter. Atlane Joy, our specialist on the matter, tells us all we need to know.

Atlane Joy, a medium and astrologist, has worked on this approach of astro-conception for 25 years. What was only an intuition and a simple hypothesis at first has been confirmed over time, and is known to be a huge convenience.

Hi, Atlane. To make things simple, what is the astrology of conception?

Astro-conception allows me to better understand the emotional situation and the problems met by parents during a pregnancy. On the premise that it’s necessary (in a therapy session) to date back as far as possible in anyone’s “story” to find explanations for difficulties that they come across daily, the Astro-conception technique allows me to go beyond birth.

Numerous research has proved that the fetus is receptive to everything surrounding him or her and, above all, the mother’s emotional state. To me, it’s really interesting to be able to offer a patient a glimpse of what these nine months of conception will be like, and to help the parents see how the baby is developing.

Knowing that our present anxieties are often the result of numerous fears that we’ve come across throughout our life, why not take into account the problems experienced during the gestation period?

So, when I do a reading, I ask the patient to clarify if what I say is true. Sometimes, the patient confirms “That’s actually true, I know it.” Other times, patients have never heard their parents talk about the subject: “Uh, I’m not sure,” they’ll add. When the patient returns, it’s rare that he or she won’t tell me “I did some research, and found out that what you said was true.” I have tested this method on numerous occasions and with many patients, putting to practice what I feel.

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Would you have an example of an appointment that you remember really well?

Yes! I remember a story very well, a story about Christiane, a charming young woman about 30 years old. Here’s a comment she had following a consultation:

“Joy has always been immediately precise and saw that there had been a sort of abandonment on my parents’ part during the first months of pregnancy. What I already knew was confirmed: that my parents had no idea that my mom was pregnant until the third month, when my parents had a violent argument that caused my mother’s health to plummet. So for me, it was a feeling of abandonment. I knew about this by often talking with my mom. On the contrary, Joy read about an intention to abort that wasn’t successful. I didn’t find out about this until I asked my mom about it…”

The beginning of House IX represents the moment of conception, and when Pluto (death and transformation) is present in the space during the first weeks of pregnancy? It’s not rare if an emotional downfall has already occurred during this stage, even the desire for an abortion, when there’s a violent conflict between the parents.

By knowing more about conception, you understand birth and life better. A child that experiences nine difficult months also risks having a complicated birth. The atmosphere which has been kept during the pregnancy often confirms how the baby will arrive.

For example, the father of a little girl came to see me before his daughter’s first birthday. Reading his daughter’s birth chart, I noticed that something had happened during the third month of the pregnancy. The mother had experienced intense crises and had felt depressed, so of course the baby felt the change and experienced a feeling of abandonment and fear. When I analyzed the chart, I observed that there was a cluster of planets in House VIII which, according to my astrological reading, defined an anxious child who risks being really dependent, scared, internalized, and who will struggle find his or her place…

What is the convenience of a study in astro-conception?

Being a therapist is what interests me. Since I am a mother, I know that the atmosphere that a woman experiences during pregnancy is uncontrollable. When you’re expecting a baby, life continues with its joys and pains, we go through periods of conflicts and sadness. It’s far from my intentions to make a couple who couldn’t provide a pleasurable pregnancy for the child feel guilty.

A woman who’s stressed during her pregnancy will give birth to an anxious child and will, without a doubt, have a difficult delivery. Pregnancy should become a privileged moment, whatever the surround conditions are, for the woman and the man. It’s up to the couple to work together.

You ought to know that a man or woman who had issues with conception will transmit the same things to his or her children if this problem isn’t taken care of. The body has its own memory, as does the embryo. It’s difficult for those who never understood anything of what they needed to give, but the human being can learn and transform… If not, this “insufficiency” and deprivation of affection will be transmitted. This is a chain of repetitions, and astro-conception is a formidable tool to help break this chain.

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