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5 Tips for Making Your Day More Productive

Fatigue, stress, demotivation… are you’re feeling like you’re struggling to be efficient at work or in other activities? Are you spreading yourself too far and to the point where you start everything, but finish nothing? No need to panic, we have 5 simple routines for you that’ll help you be more productive!

Rule #1: Say no to being tired

Fatigue harms your efficiency, so try to get a good night’s sleep. To be in tip-top shape for tomorrow morning, you’ll need between 6 and 8 hours of sleep. Find your time of optimum sleep and try to respect it. This will help you have clear ideas and you’ll gain concentration and effectiveness!
Did you have a sleepless night? No need to panic, let yourself take a “power nap.” These mini-siestas will give you the necessary energy for at least 30 minutes.

Rule #2: Let nothing get in the way of your concentration

Getting a lot of notifications and calls on your cellphone? Put it on silent! Repetitive ringing/buzzing is bad for your concentration, and cellphones interrupt your activities and keep you from moving onward. Avoid putting a task to the side because you’re too busy on your phone. Wait until the said-task is finished.

Rule #3: One step at a time…

Do you feel like you’re spread too far with your work? Ask yourself the right questions and fix your focus on a goal to complete for each day of the week: what’s your priority today? For tomorrow? Make a list of the important tasks you need to complete to reach your goal, and you’ll gain a nice amount of time, know exactly where you are, and know how far there is to go.

Rule #4: Take some breaks!

Don’t wait until you’ve drowned yourself in work to take a break. Allow yourself some small breaks regularly, but keep them short and efficient, and you’ll be more active and motivated in your missions. For example, you can get some fresh air, call a friend quickly, or flip through your favorite book. When you take up your activities again, your mind will be relaxed and you’ll have the benefit of hindsight on work that’s already been done.

Rule #5: A healthy mind in a healthy body

Start your day with a good breakfast. It’s important to recharge your batteries in order to hold out for the whole day. Orange juice, coffee or tea, accompanied by croissants or pastries will do the job marvelously. Have no appetite when you wake up or short on time? In this case, bring a snack to work that you can eat once you’re hungry. For lunch, bid adieu to express and unbalanced meals. From now on, you’ll use this available time to eat healthily. Indulge yourself or cook some balanced meals that will whet your appetite and make you smile. You’ll see that you’ll be more concentrated on work and be more efficient.


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