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Test Your Sign's Compatibility Using Clairvoyance

Life is about love and plunging into new romantic adventures, and we are here to help you do just that! Have you met someone new and wish to know if you are made for one another? On the surface you may think you're compatible but we think you'd like to get a little deeper, right? We have the magic compatibility formula just for you!

Our mediums sense and feel things, they know if your relationship is made to last, and they especially know the reasons that could cause romantic unions to fail. Besides telling you whether or not you’re compatible, our mediums will advise you on what to do to make your relationship last.

Numerous techniques allow our mediums to define the romantic compatibility between two people, so zoom in on these 4 tips.

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4 infallible methods to know if you’re compatible

Astrology at your relationship’s service

By studying your birth chart and comparing it to your other half’s (also called “synastry”), an astrologist will know if you were made to live together. Synastry can also reveal strong and weak points in your union and indicate to you whether or not it’s impossible to improve your relationship. This study will be based on the position of the planets, their movements, and their interactions at the time of your birth. Reliable and precise, this study will allow you to better understand the nature of your relationship.

Using numerology to look in the same direction

A numerologist will indicate to you if you’re compatible or not. For this, he or she will ask you two for your birth dates and first and last names. Through this study, the numerologist will point out your character traits and the path that you should follow in order to make your dreams come true. The analysis of your first names allows for better understanding of your identities, your potential, and your motivations. The analysis will help you determine if your differences that separate you are very important or not. This way, you’ll know the solidity of your relationship!

Consulting a medium to know what tomorrow holds

Through his/her visions, a medium could tell you if you’re made to experience life together. The medium will tell you what’s indicated in his/her visions. The simple sound of your voice triggers very clear visions. You could also tell the medium about any doubts or uncertainties you have about your relationship. The medium will respond to all of your questions.

Using the Tarot because the cards never make mistakes

A tarot card reader will know how to interpret your tarot card drawing and bring you a precise response and guide you through your decisions. The tarot cards are very effective because they reveal future events precisely by giving you a chronological indication. In regard to your compatibility, the cards are very precise, and the tarot card reader will unveil the strong and weak points within your union as well as your chances to succeed together.

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