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Find Love in 5 Steps

Are you fed up with this celibacy, and have decided that 26 will mark the beginning of a new era? Congratulations- gone with solitude and hello to a life in two! But, in such a fast-paced world, what do you do in order to find that rare pearl? Here are 5 tricks to finding love.

Of course, celibacy has its benefits, but it shouldn’t last too long. Here’s how to pass from “single” to “in a relationship” in only 5 steps. By following our advice, it shouldn’t take a long time finding someone who will get your heart racing…

5 tricks for finding love

1. Focus on your desires

Before throwing yourself into the quest for a soulmate, you need to be clear with yourself. Ask yourself some good questions: what are you expecting from a relationship? What is unacceptable in your eyes? Are you ready to jump into another relationship?

2. Go out and be bold!

Staying pent up at home and moping around for the right man/woman of your life to come knocking on your door (except if it’s pizza delivery) won’t do the trick at all. In the street or on public transportation, keep eye contact and dare to say hello. After all, it’s polite and you never know… this simple “hello” could lead to an invite to go out for coffee.

3. Be authentic!

Don’t try to make yourself pass for anyone else, be natural. If this doesn’t please the other person, this person wasn’t made for you. Do you laugh too hard? Do you blush? Can’t stand your nose? This is what also makes up your charm, so accept this instead of trying to change it.

4. Use your resources!

You surely have friends, even colleagues, who are likely to introduce you to someone… Of course, this type of situation isn’t always very comfortable, but maybe this date is worth it? Good luck!

5. Love yourself!

Yes! In order to be “lovable” in the eyes of others, you need to start by loving yourself. Have you ever noticed that someone who’s confident is more attractive?

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