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Toxic Relationships: 6 Signs to Detect

Is your relationship affecting you but you aren’t understanding why? Have you lost confidence little by little and noticed your mental health is even lower? We meet numerous people, but some relationships are bound to be toxic… how do you detect this? Here are 6 clues!

Certain relationships can be damaging and prevent us from moving forward and thriving. This is why it’s important to be surrounded to know how to detect people who can harm our well-being. Some are more detrimental than others, and we call them toxic, manipulative, destructive, deviant, and narcissistic.

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Why is it so important to detect a toxic person?

Are you feeling less and less independent? Are you reassessing yourself to the point where you’re losing confidence?  Stress, frustration, culpability, sadness have overcome you and you don’t understand why. Sometimes someone toxic can be the cause and this plays on our emotions and our health. This uneasiness provokes muscle, psychological, and emotional tension, as well as anxiousness and fatigue.

Identify a toxic relationship in 6 steps

1. You’re entirely dependent on the other person

You don’t feel capable of living without him/her for financial or emotional reasons. You’re scared of solitude, you have a difficult sentimental past, lack of self-esteem, and need attachment… Your situation makes you dependent, which allows the other person to take a certain control over you.

2. You feel stressed

You don’t feel free, you’re often stressed, anxious, and everything is confusing for you and you know that you’re losing confidence in yourself. He/she is putting pressure on you and you have the impression of not being on par with the other person.

3. You’re feeling guilty

The other person constantly reproaches you without any justification and you feel guilty, even though he/she never questions themselves.

4. You’re not yourself anymore

The other person doesn’t accept who you really are, so you feel the need to change because you’re scared of being judged if you don’t agree with him/her. You feel the need to change for him/her.

5. You feel isolated from your social group

The other person looks to isolate you from your entourage, such as making you believe that your friends aren’t worth trusting and that he/she is the only person that you can believe in.

6. You have the impression that, like a flower, you’re withering away

Guilt, shame, fear, frustration… you’re feeling like you’re caught in a vice and you’re slowing losing confidence in yourself. Even more, you feel like your appetite is diminishing and that you’re losing sleep. 

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