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Boost Your Sex Life Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancestral Chinese art that allows one to live in harmony with their surroundings thanks to some simple guidelines. Is your sexual life flagging? No need to panic because Feng Shui is equally capable of reawakening your passion!

Feng Shui plays a decisive role in your love life, be it sexual or interpersonal. A poor circulation of energy and a poor balance of Yin and Yang can cause you to experience long periods of celibacy or a sex life that is far from flourishing… No need to panic, these Feng Shui tips will re-boost your sex drive soon enough!

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a Chinese discipline that rests on the circulation of energy flow, the balance between Yin (femininity, gentleness) and Yang (masculinity, action) and the use of the 5 elements: water, earth, fire, air, and metal.

In this Zen art, everything consists of finding equilibrium, the happy medium to improve your daily life.

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10 Feng Shui Precepts for a Thriving Sex Life

1. Make your room a relaxing place. Choose warm colors that will have a relaxing effect.

2. Ventilate your room regularly. You want to keep the atmosphere pure, refreshing, fresh etc.

3. The position of your bed must be strategic. Don’t sleep with your feet to the door because you’ll attract negative energy.

4. Opt for quality bed linens. Promote a luxurious impression thanks to fine materials.

5. Put away pictures of friends or family. You shouldn’t be able to see these pictures from your bed, since they could bring about negative energy.

6. Create a gentle light.Think of candles or mood lighting.

7. Nothing should remind you of work in your room. Remove PCs, desks and televisions. They bring too much masculine energy to the room (Yang).

8. Hang something enjoyable on the ceiling. Stars, ceiling lights, etc. The Chinese believe that how your bed is decorated influences your dreams, so don’t neglect this.

9. Tidy up. Your bed should be made, having order releases a positive energy on your libido.

10. Arrange some flowers. These should be roses, carnations or red, pink and orange tulips in even amounts.

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