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This List Is Proof You've Met Your Soulmate

We've listed 10 signs that may indicate you really have found your one and only. Keep your head up and that brilliant smile on your face! It makes the difference in love!

A perfect match takes time to find, but at least you'll know it's real if you relate to the 10 signs below:

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Here are 10 signs to prove you've found your soul mate 

1. You don’t need to speak in order to understand the otherOne look, and you instantly know what they're thinking. Our expert; Atlane Joy, puts it straight: “A soulmate is instinctive, someone you communicate with on a deeper level, and someone who gets you to open up.”

2. You get along well. When you've found your soulmate, you both know it and don't doubt the feeling. What you have is natural. 

3 You feel like you've known him/her forever. It's hard to explain, but you have the impression of having known them all your life… be it a friend, a brother/sister, or a lover, he or she is everything to you.

4. You feel immediately at ease with him/her. Atlane Joy explains this well: “Right from the beginning, soulmates communicate wonderfully and reveal their true nature without feeling judged. Soulmates often recognize something familiar with the other person and feel it immediately.”

5. He/she attracts you instantaneously. It's inexplicable, you connect like magnets, or, at least the physical contact is very strong. One touch gives your goosebumps. 

6. Your relationship hasn't been a long, peaceful journey. Your soulmate knows you well and may challenge you like no one has in the past. There’s a wonderful energy there.  

7. You have the same vision in life. When you find yourself thinking about the future, you have the same expectations and imagine taking a similar journey. 

8. Love doesn’t have an age. Age is but a number! Your soulmate could be younger or older than you!

9. You’re basically one person.  You often find your personalities blending into one. Despite the way it annoys your friends, you need the other to feel well. Without him/her, you don't feel complete…

10. You laugh so hard together! You know the other person and his/her humor by heart and laugh until it hurts whenever and wherever. 

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