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What’s in store for us in 2016? Here are some predictions from tarot reader François Villeneuve.

Described as one of the most gifted of his generation, this young 30 year old is a master in interpreting Tarot cards. The cards hold no secret for him and it’s in all modesty that this talented Tarot reader reveals his passion, his universe, and everything 2016 has in store on a national level.*

Hello, François. To get to know you, how did you come upon your passion for the cards?

I was young and studying economics at Pretoria near the French Embassy. My hobbies were rare, but they did consist of going to restaurants, shows, shopping, or safaris. It was during a visit to a bookstore that I happened upon a deck of cards. Their patterns were sublime and I wanted to know more. I use this exact deck even though I’ve bought about 30 of them within the past 15 years.

At first, it was nothing but a simple curiosity on my part because I simply loved the designs. Eventually, I used them and started to draw the cards for my friends. Up to that point it was something recreational, until the day when…

The day when…?

Until the day when I accepted a professional opportunity in another country. There were 2 months of hesitation before accepting the job, and it was out of the question for me to not do anything, so I tried my luck with a very influential, American clairvoyance platform. In the meantime, I had already studied the Tarot cards using reference books and until this day, the tarots haven’t left my side… this was back in 2004.

Talk to us about the Tarots. How do they work?

When I give lessons, I like to say that the Tarots tell a story. When you draw 4 or 5 cards of your choice, I like to see the essence of the deck, the sense, or the attitude of what I’ve drawn. I come across anxious, lively, sad, sweet, and violent cards, and it’s this first impression that’s going to guide my reading.

I can summarize what the Tarot detects in 3 ways:

  • What the customer doesn’t understand (for example, an encounter)
  • What the customer understands (what he or she will make of this story)
  • The state of mind

It’s in the 2nd element that the Tarot is seen in all its glory. It’s going to present some routes and possibilities to the customer, but it’ll be up to the customer to decide which route to take.  

For example, no later than yesterday, a customer called me to talk about a reading I had given her a year ago. I had told her that a previous partner was going to show up and try to pick their relationship up from where it ended; however, I told her he’d always be fickle and will mislead her. I presented this “vision” to the customer to let her know that she was going to be misled, making it up to her to accept this or not. As it happens, she took him back… one last time.

The wealth of the Tarots comes from the fact that the customer completely owns their destiny… The Tarot card reading isn’t some sort of alarm. Certain things can be avoided, or certain things can become reality, on the condition that the customer is receptive.

What about analyzing the state of mind?

If there’s a divine art that decrypts someone’s state of mind, it’s the Tarot. Incidentally, some popularization work of the tarot under a psychological aspect has been started by Freud, then followed by his friend, Jung, who used it to analyze the behavior of certain patients. The amazing assets that the Tarots have are definitely genuine. There are thousands of possibilities that are inscribed in these cards that allow us to make out states of the mind “from day to day” for someone.

What about love?

Tarots are fantastic with love! Because it’s possible to assure the compatibility of the state of mind when you use the Tarot, the cards can show the customer what to do (or not do) to obtain whatever’s desired. It’s a little bit like synastry (the study of compatibility) for astrology.

And when the Tarots are faced with a professional question?

The Tarots showcase determining points (strategy, dangers, competition, hierarchy, opportunities, etc.) and give the customer all of the important elements that they can use to make a decision. It’s this type of clairvoyance that I prefer.

Why’s that?

Too often, people have the tendency to be passive and expect things to get going on their own, but the Tarots hate this thought process. They won’t infantilize the customer by making him/her believe that waiting is the best solution, they’ll supply the keys for understanding how these things have come about, or, on the contrary, why something is destined to fail.

What are your preferred Tarots?

Personally, I like every Ciro Marchetti deck because they are extremely simple and perfectly suitable for consultations by phone (for people who want immediate answers), and I’m often able to switch up the deck in accordance to the customer or the question. For young adults or artists (groups who are a little more sensitive than others), I’m going to favor the kindness of the Shadowscape tarot. For questions related to family, justice, or inheritance, I use the rigorous classic Tarot, or the Egyptian Tarot. Lastly, for questions relating to love, I like to use the tarot of Mademoiselle Lenormandfrom time to time.

What do the Tarots see for 2016?

Pope Francis, Superstar

I’ve announced that, ever since Pope Francis’s nomination, he’d be a beloved pope who would bring flocks towards the church. It’s already been done! Nevertheless, no one has predicted this phenomenon of “Francis Superstar,” who’s in the process of transforming into a sort of icon.

The pope is going to continue to modernize the Catholic Church by taking more and more positions on subjects that have been the origin of significant divisions; however, I’m clinging to the fact that he won’t have the capacity to reform the Church. There won’t be enough solid progress in the end (no religious same-sex marriages, no ordinations of female priests, priests unable to marry) even if he has this intention.

The Pope’s voice will be heard more and more, and he’ll play a more and more important role on the international scene. Under a single morale authority for 100 years, the Vatican will uncover a role that’s a lot more political than before while it’s under the authority of Francis.

American elections: A dual between the women

The Tarots are showing a dual between the empress and the priestess for the American elections to the great displeasure of Donald Trump, who won’t win the Republican candidate nomination. The Tarots are seeing a victory for Carly Fiorina during the primary (who’s surprsingly in a comfortable lead ahead of Trump in the opinion pools as I write this article). Even Trump is clearly torpedoing in his campaign and not admitting defeat, allowing Hillary Clinton to take the seat across from Fiorina.

Macron: A short term and then he’s going
The Left Wing of the socialist party is probably going to pressure Hollande to not run for office again, given that his political economics haven’t bore the fruit that should come with his power or job. It will be a lot easier for the Left to justify his failure by glancing at the young minister and presenting a “More Left” alternative. The French government will probably be taking a tumble towards the end of 2016 under the “boos!” from the Left, but Hollande will remain popular.

French Society

It’s a relatively simple diagram: the rich against the poor or bosses versus employees. 2016 will see other factors as the National Front ascends in surveys. It’s like someone’s trying to assist in the break up between “traditional France” (the “marriage for all” opposition) and the “secular” France, but another, more independent force is going to surface. This is a force that’s non-partisan, who will act violently (anonymous groups, etc.).

Regional France: the Socialist Party’s defeat

The FN Wave that was promised will not take place, and I’m seeing that the FN will only win one region, the other regions being won over by the opposing side.


Good news for France, because France will be the European champion this year! 


*Translator's note: This article was translated from French to English, hence the references to the French government and the introduction not being accurate in regards to "a national level."

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