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A Medium Described the Man I was Going to Meet

Following a very painful breakup, Véronique fell into a deep depression, convinced that she would never find love again. That was until she met a medium. Her medium completely jostled Véronique’s outlook on romance and gave her permission to fall in love again. Véronique recalls her story...

A painful breakup…

“Everything started when my ex left me 5 years ago. I fell into a depressive state because the breakup was extremely difficult. I wasn’t finding any comfort from anyone, and I didn’t know what direction my life was heading. I was hoping for a guide, a light to shine on my future, someone who could steer me towards an emotional renovation.” 

I’d wanted to consult a medium for some time but had never been brave enough to do it. However after such a painful experience, I decided to take the plunge and made an appointment. I met a lot of mediums but each one of them talked about how love was going to come back to me: they’d say what I wanted to hear, to reassure me, and to help me move forward. What I noticed however, was that after many days had passed, I still had no surprises or good news to share… I wasn’t moving forward at all. I thought that the mediums were mocking me, that they were taking my money just to have me believe that the next day would be better… I soon realised the problem was I just hadn't yet found theright medium for me.

An overwhelming change in predictions about my love life

…Then I came across the person who was going to change my life forever. Her speech was different, she didn’t deliver anything sugar-coated: “No, you’re ex isn’t coming back. Not before some years… And if he knocks on your door one day, it’s not going to be for making-up. He’s coming to enjoy some coffee, some conversation, but nothing more. This relationship doesn’t have a future. You’re ex is never going to come back to you. You’ll go elsewhere, maybe alone, and time will have its effect, then maybe you’ll find love.” This honesty worked for me. It was like a smack in the face. My eyes opened and I felt the weight of my past being lifted off my shoulders. I understood that it was time to move on, I couldn't ignore the signs.

Afterwards, this medium spoke to me about someone who would show up in my life. “In three weeks,” she told me, before saying that I would meet him at my new job. The amazing thing is that I hadn’t said a word to her about my new job! She described this mystery man as someone with light eyes, brunette, medium height, and with a good job.

I came across this man exactly three weeks later. I was completely awestruck: he matched the portrait that the medium has given me exactly.

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She had remarked that I wouldn’t be with him long but it would be a lovely adventure together. This relationship would help me pick myself up after the difficult few months I'd spent waiting for my ex. With this man I experienced romantic passion, almost ephemeral, but rich… the kind of passion that gives you wings and does you good.

I found love thanks to my medium

I accepted this brief, passionate relationship and enjoyed it. My medium recently told me that I’ll find true love very soon. “In four months,” she predicts. Thanks to this prediction I don't feel rushed and am excited for the future.

I have confidence, and I know that this person will come sooner or later. I’m benefiting from my alone time to take care of myself, put myself out there, and learn to believe in the future. I’m not going to dwell on my past and my old life with my ex. These negative thoughts are long gone.

Overall, I am happy and confident. Up until now, my medium hasn’t given me any false predictions. Her predictions are accurate, whether it’s dealing with love, work, or a question I have about my daughter. I call on her around twice a month, and it does me good. I’m a lot less afraid of moving forward throughout my day. This encounter has changed me as a person, I know that for sure. She’s allowed me to know where I’m going, how I’m going to get there, and how I can remain myself. I haven’t changed my behavior based on the predictions, I am the same person I always was. I can enjoy life and it's simple pleasures more peacefully now through learning to trust the future. All that she has predicted in regards to my questions have proven to be correct. So, I live my life peacefully, knowing more or less of what lies ahead, but I am always excited about when I’ll discover new things.

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