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Finding you soul mate with Karma's help

Have you ever felt like you've known somebody your entire life despite having just met them? Feeling some déjà-vu? Are you irresistibly attracted to one another? Could they be your soul mate? Our expert, Atlane Joy, will tell you how to identify your soul mate. Don't miss this opportunity!

There are people who we're instinctively attracted to while there are situations where there's no spark. With certain people, conversation flows as if you known eachother for a long time and there are times when the conversation just doesn't click. Strange, right?

There are times when we can't logically explain how we feel. What if it wasn't a question of instinct but of a past life? An invisible connection? What if you previously met in a former life?


Our karma expert, Atlane Joy, has been a medium and an astrologer for 30 years and is here to reveal everything you want to know!

Good morning Atlane, what is karma? How do you explain feelings of déjà-vu?

This is how I would describe karma: every life represents a new experience for a soul which comes to earth to work, improve, rid itself of error, to learn, and to love. Karma is not as negative as many people would think or say it is. There is nothing to pay.

How would you describe a soul mate?

Meeting your soul mate is a sensation that the mind simply cannot grasp. It works through feelings and intuition like a blur or a feeling of having been experienced already (which attracts and scares people at the same time). We lose this recollection during our incarnation, but in our DNA, in our soul, there are promises that can't be forgotten.

Whenever I speak of this to my consultants, I ask them whether there was immediate evidence during a date, a feeling of déjà-vu or magic, or a feeling that you've known each other since the dawn of time. An irresistible desire is when both individuals recognize each other and affirm it; there are no explanations, it's their magical moment.

And if for some reason you do end up breaking up and going each other’s way, as this type of relationship isn’t always straightforward given the amount of intensity involved, you'll resent a feeling of failure which will prolong itself over time. It's a sensation of wasted opportunity, an impression of having to find ourselves again in another life…


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