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6 Rebel Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Likely To Be Arrested

Astrology is responsible for ensuring all the horoscope signs have different personalities and temperaments. When it comes to playing the rebel and going against the grain, 6 zodiac signs fill the role perfectly. How much of a rebel is your zodiac sign? Do you always follow the rules or do you like to take the law into your own hands. Discover the 6 zodiac signs we believe are the most likely to get arrested.

Each of the zodiac signs has something different to offer; some are intelligent zodiac signs and others have a more rebellious and unruly side. Which side do you belong to? Everyone wants to let loose and forget about the rules every once in a while, but certain horoscope signs do it a little too often.

6 Rebel zodiac signs likely to end up in jail

What make someone want to break the rules and follow their own unconventional path? Rebellion comes in many forms and it’s a true art for the 6 zodiac signs that are most likely to get arrested. Does your star sign make our list, or are you a completely law abiding citizen 100% of the time? Which zodiac signs are most likely to be serial killers? Any guesses?

1) Aries

Number one rebel

It’s not that the Aries personality is antisocial but their rebellious side has a way of making sporadic appearances. Aries adores taking risks and rolling the dice even when the odds are totally against them. Aries people are pretty confident in all aspects of life and aren’t afraid of pushing the boundaries or bad press for that matter.

2) Gemini

Gemini is a total nonconformist

The Gemini personality loves being known as a complete maverick. The eccentric Gemini was no doubt always the class clown and never really grows out of their childish phase. Gemini’s anti conformist side can cause them to go one step too far and could result in them finding trouble with the law.

3) Leo

Attention seeker gone bad

The Leo personality is one of the vainest of all the zodiac signs. The truth is Leo people will do just about anything to stay in the spotlight, even if it means crossing an important line. If Leo ever had any trouble with the law, it would probably be for flashing or disturbing public order. These guys crave all eyes on them 24/7!

4) Libra

Deceivingly sweet

Despite the Libra personality appearing cute, this sign is actually part of the sweet zodiac signs with a dark side! We can hear you gasping in disbelief, but believe us it’s true! Libra has a rebellious side that needs to be satisfied every once in a while. Libra isn’t above pulling off huge stunts and preparing shocking surprises.

5) Scorpio

Leader of the rebels!

Known as the most rebellious and mysterious sign of the zodiac, the Scorpio personality just can’t be contained! Nothing scares Scorpio and when these guys have something on their minds, they let everyone know about it. Scorpio is a very impulsive star sign which means they don’t give consequences a second thought.

6) Aquarius

Rebel with a cause

Aquarius traits include being deeply attached to important causes, which is all well and good but could lead them to getting into trouble! Aquarius dreams about bringing social awareness to important issues and will do so by any means. Aquarius knows no limits when they want to prove a point.

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I think Aries are the most easy going sign of the zodiac.


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