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What You Say VS What You Really Think According To Your Zodiac Sign

No matter how hard we try to be as frank as possible, most of us can never say exactly what's in our head. Whether it’s due to the fear of hurting people, a mechanism to protect ourselves or out of politeness, each zodiac sign has something in their head that they will not reveal, although they are certainly thinking it... Our astrologist Susan Taylor reveals what each zodiac sign really means when they say certain things.

What each zodiac signs really wants to say but doesn't dare to

Our zodiac signs undeniably have an influence on our personalities. We all recognize ourselves a little in astrology predictions, so you won't be surprised to discover that what you say is not really what you think! But what about your loved ones? Discover what each sign has in mind and what they’ll never say!

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1. Aries

What you say: "I’ve got this, I'm the best"

What you really think: "I hope I can do it!"

You go for it, and you even go for it sometimes without thinking, which may lead to some unpleasant surprises. That's why you sometimes tend to doubt yourself, but you don't want to show it. You have the image of a strong, solid and sure person and for you, it must remain like that.

2. Taurus

What you say: "Everything I have, I’ve earned all by myself".

What you mean to say: "I hope I've tried hard enough."

All your life, you work to build exactly the scenario you want. You don't skimp on giving yourself anything that will help you feel secure. Except that many times, your smile actually masks a sense of failure. You'll do anything for the people you love, and sometimes you worry that you haven't done everything right in order to help them.

3. Gemini

What you say: "I don't care what others think."

What you mean to say: "But why doesn't he/she like me?"

You are funny, charismatic and your charm seduces many people. This is good news, because you love to be around people. You also exude confidence that gives the impression that nothing and no one can touch you. The only thing is, if someone resists you, ignores you, seems indifferent or worse, doesn't like you, you get into a tizzy.

4. Cancer

What you say: "I will love you no matter what... "

What you mean to say: "...unless you don't love me"

The tender and affectionate Cancer that you are is nevertheless a being with a big ego. You love, you give everything, you are ready to do anything for those you hold in your heart, but you have your conditions and these involve the need for someone to love you in return and for someone to proves that to you. You simply cannot stand to be less important to someone than they are to you.

5. Leo

What you say: "Whatever happens, I’ll deal with it."

What you mean to say: "I feel like giving up."

In the realm of felines, sometimes Leo is really just a cute little cat. If we think of you, we see you taking on your responsibilities without fail, braving challenges and worries without a hint of weakness. But deep down, what you really want is to let go and take refuge from the stress, the pressure, and sometimes even... from the eyes of others. It's unbelievable!

6. Virgo

What you say: "I don't think we're going to get any better than this."

What you mean to say: "This really sucks."

Virgo and perfection are a love story that lasts, but a dysfunctional one. Perfection is not of this world, and you Virgos have a hard time admitting it. So, day after day, you live with this feeling of dissatisfaction that never leaves you. Your constant search for excellence pushes you to not appreciate anything at its true value. Relax a little!

7. Libra

What you say: "Smile, life is beautiful".

What you mean to say: "I feel like crying"

Libra's charm, good humor, and joie de vivre are legendary and for good reason, you tend to never give yourself away when you're on the edge. You help everyone else to smile, but when you're going through a difficult time, when you're sad and depressed, you isolate yourself, in silence.

8. Scorpio

What you say: "I want you"

What you mean to say: "I love you"

We tend to think of you as a fiery and carnal sign, given to sex and passionate love affairs, but deep down you are a great romantic who fears being abandoned. So, it often occurs that you hide your sensitivity and your sentimental soul under provocative or even indecent airs.

9. Sagittarius

What you say: "Infidelity isn’t such a huge problem."

What you mean to say: "I've cheated on you before"

You are known for your outspokenness and bluntness. In love, as elsewhere, when it comes to fidelity as well as any other subject, you always say what you think, except that, paradoxically, you are also one of the most secretive signs of the zodiac. As a Sagittarian, you inevitably have skeletons in your closet, that you will go to any lengths to hide.

10. Capricorn

What you say: "Everything is fine"

What you think: "I want to disappear"

You are very modest and you are not the type to complain, so you put on a good face to avoid annoying others. Deep down, however, it is the storm, as you are very pessimistic, you also often dwell on your past, your failures and your regrets... If you sink into sadness, no one will ever know; you isolate yourself or you put on a brave face.

11. Aquarius

What you say: "Do you see what I mean?"

What you think: "No one understands me."

As an Aquarian, you are bound to be atypical. You know it and it is obvious from your way of thinking, of doing, of creating that you are totally different from those of the others. No matter how much you listen to those around you, how much advice you give, nothing helps, everyone still thinks you are too much. That's how it is, you are light years away from the others and you feel a bit lonely, but it is in fact an incredible strength that you have!

12. Pisces

What you say: "I will never hurt you..."

What you think: "...but I can destroy you."

No one seems as nice as you. You are calm and hyper empathetic, so no one is suspicious of you and that is a big mistake to make. Indeed, you will never hurt anyone, for no good reason, but if you feel betrayed, you will wait in silence and plot your revenge. Indeed, you are one of the most evil zodiac signs

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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