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These 5 Zodiac Signs Rush Into Relationships Way Too Quickly

Meeting someone and making that emotional connection instantly is one of the most exciting and primitive experiences that life has to offer. Each time you see them, you become more and more at ease with each other and feel like you could tell them anything. While you’ve only been seeing each other for a couple weeks, making the relationship official seems like the right move. If this sounds familiar then you’re probably one of these 5 signs.

There are definitely two main types of people when it comes to relationships. On one hand we have commitment phobe zodiac signs, who are often happy being single and independent, while we also have those people who ALWAYS seem to be in relationships on the other side of the spectrum. Which category do you think you fall into? How fast to do you fall in love? Here are the 12 zodiacs ranked by how fast they fall in love.

5 Zodiac sign that jump into relationships too fast

The way we approach love and relationships has deep connection with our zodiac signs. The stars act as our guide to show us patterns across groups of people, so we’ve consulted them to help us identify the 5 zodiac signs that rush into relationships. While they may have actually found 'The One', more often than not these zodiacs jump into relationships a bit too quickly!

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1. Aries is all-in

As with everything, the Aries personality comes first on our list of zodiacs that jump into relationships. If things are going well on dates, an Aries will naturally feel like becoming official is the next step and will go for it as soon as possible. Living very much so in the present, they take life as it comes and base their actions off impulse and intuition. While this leads to exciting and spontaneous moments early on in the relationship, the illusion may eventually fade and you might find that the relationship moved too quickly, too early. Sometimes it isn't love at first sight!


2. Cancer catches feelings quickly

As people who place so much importance on family and home, the Cancer personality is always ready to fully commit themselves to relationships if the early signs are good. Their deep care for those close to them and fondness of childhood means that Cancers are often keen to establish their own family environment – with a relationship being the first step towards that ideal. However, Cancer’s keenness to enter a relationship will depend on the phases of the Moon, her ruling planet, as it has a strong connection with the zodiac sign emotional sensitivity.


3. Leo loves relationships

It would be fair to say that the Leo personality becomes the best versions of themselves in relationships. Not only do they have a person who’ll consistently stroke their ego but they also have a focus for their own affection. While Leos can be self-centered, they’re equally warm-hearted and generous to those close to them. When a Leo meets someone who is as affectionate and communicative as them, it’s only a matter of time before they pop the question. You won't have to worry what type of partner  they'll be though, Leo's are highly loyal and caring individuals who'll treat you right!


4. Scorpio secrectly plots

Though they’re unlikely to display it at first, a wealth of emotions resides within Scorpios behind their frosty exterior. Even though they’re typically secretive and distrusting people, they’re nonetheless water signs that act on feeling. When they make a strong connection with someone in a short amount of time, they can become extremely possessive. They may have already decided that they’re going to start a relationship with that person. As one of the most manipulative zodiac signs, they will guide their unsuspecting victim into making it official.


5. Libra leaves hints

Being people that thrive in the company of others, a partner is what every Libra secretly dreams for. As an air sign that hates solitude, Libra’s strong need for mental stimulation is best met through profound discussions and open dialogue. However, as individuals which focus so strongly on the idea of balance and the double, their indecisiveness sometimes stops them from rushing into relationships as soon as they’d like. Instead, expect them to drop hints about a relationship so that the other person makes the first move.


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