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How Likely Is Zodiac Sign To Be In A Long-Term Relationship?

When thinking about long-term relationships and which personalities get on best, the compatibility factor comes down to each of our attitudes to love. Being in a stable and mature union isn’t for everyone and some of us just don’t have what it takes to be in one. What about you? Is your zodiac sign likely to be in a long-term relationship or are you just not cut out for one? Get all the details about your perfect relationship here.

Our zodiac signs play a vital part in our lives and have an impact on our attitudes to love and relationships. We each perceive love in our own unique way which helps to explain why some of us are hopeless in relationships and why others are awesome. How quickly do you fall in love? We've ranked the zodiac signs by how fast they fall in love.

The most likely zodiacs to be in a long-term relationship to the least

Committing to a relationship is always a big decision and whilst some take it in their stride, others can’t bring themselves to take the plunge. Are you comfortable with the idea of committing for life? Or do you value your freedom too much? We reveal who would think twice about a lifelong romance and who'd flee at the first opportunity.

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1) Pisces

1) This sign is made for long-term relationships

The Pisces personality is up there with some of the most loyal signs. These people may take a long time before fully opening up to their partner, but once they have decided you deserve their love; they jump in fully and expect the same in return! When a Pisces falls in love it’s for life.  

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2) Cancer

They love commitment

Cancers are very stable when it comes to relationships and how they feel. It would be completely out of character for a Cancer personality to get into a relationship without being 100% sure and certain of their feelings. They aim to establish solid and lasting relationship; short and meaningless flings aren’t for them.

3) Capricorn

Serious about love

Capricorns hate playing games when it comes to love and relationships, for them it’s important to be honest and open about their feelings. The Capricorn personality doesn't just date for the sake of it, they dream of falling in love with their soulmate and eventually building a family with the one they love.

4) Aries

They need stable relationships

The Aries personality isn't just determined to succeed in life, for them finding happiness in love is also very important. They know what they want in a partner and won’t settle for anything less. Passionate Aries people have very stable attitudes when it comes to relationship and won’t hang around before breaking off something that isn’t working out.

5) Taurus

Made for long-term relationships 

As an Earth sign, the Taurus personality needs healthy and fulfilling relationships in order to feel safe. Our Taurus friends are very faithful, but that’s not to say they rush into relationships without thinking things through beforehand. People belonging to the second zodiac sign are made to be in long-term relationships.

6) Gemini

Hate being chained down

The Gemini personality is a lover of freedom and fears being tied down in a relationship, so before getting into anything significantly long term, Gemini typically takes a while before coming to a conclusion about their feelings. This sign has a hard time processing marriage and the thought of loving the same person for life.

7) Leo

Aren't cut out for long-term relationships

The Leo personality loves being the center of attention and attracting people. For a Leo being seductive and attractive are essential in their day-to-day lives which could lead to some serious jealousy arising! Even if they tell you they like you, be wary that Leo is being completely honest and isn’t testing the waters elsewhere. This sign definitely believes that the grass can be greener on the other side!

8) Virgo

Never satisfied

The Virgo personality is one of the most complicated and demanding signs in love, which is why they have such a tough time finding someone who ticks all of their boxes. Virgo is known for being hesitant and this is also the case when in a relationship. The truth is Virgo wants the best of the best and is rarely satisfied in love.

9) Libra

Too fickle

The Libra personality is one of the most balanced and harmonious signs of the zodiac, but often lacks consistence in relationships. Libras feelings change as often as the wind, so even if this native is deeply in love one day, that’s not to say they will feel that way six months down the line.

10) Scorpio

Gets bored too easily

Passionate and impulsive, Scorpios have lots to give in a relationship and can make great partners. If a Scorpio personality starts to feel unhappy and tied down in a relationship, they won’t hang around for too long. These people need intensity and spontaneity in love and if they don’t get it they’ll soon head for the hills.

11) Sagittarius

Finds them impossible

There is nothing more a Sagittarius personality hates than the feeling of being chained down. Freedom is an important element for a Sagittarius, which is why this zodiac sign will never be overly enthusiastic about staying in every night with their partner and watching a movie. For this sign, being free and in a relationship are totally incompatible.

12) Aquarius

Least likely to be in it for the long haul

As one of the most sociable zodiac signs, Aquarius personality loves getting out and meeting new people on a regular basis which makes it difficult for them to be in long-term relationships. They need a lot of time to reflect before finding someone they are compatible with and getting into a serious relationship. They love taking their time in love and hate being rushed!

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Very true for me, so sad my husband died 8 years ago😥

Yeah it's true, even if we are hurt so much we still hold on...expecting things to be okay inspite of the changes...maybe we Pisces people are just hopefull ...not hopeless beings.

Yeah.... 3 cheers to us pisces🥂

Why can't I see Leo's personality? Why only Leo don't have a linked or something?

Aaaah oui je valide

I'm a Pisces and what is written is true


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